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a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Things to Do in LA : Labor Day 2021

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Inhale the rustling summer breeze, the chirps of the cicadas, exhale glorious summer memories, afternoons at the beach, picnics, and firefly glow. Let it all out- summer’s coming to a close.

WHAT, you ask in a panic. Wasn’t I JUST reading Bikes and Hikes LA’s Things to do in LA for Memorial Day blog post? Or Things to Do in LA for the Fourth of July? I’m not going crazy, am I? If so, you’re not alone, because this author is also feeling as though the summer’s been going by way too quickly. Don’t panic, though! There’s still plenty of things to do at the end of the summer in LA for Labor Day Weekend, and Bikes and Hikes LA are here for you to help you plan your Labor Day extravaganza!

We hope you’ve been enjoying a fun-filled, elegant, and epic end of summer in LA. In other parts of the country, Labor Day weekend feels a little bittersweet, a little final, a sweeping time of change. (Okay, that’s a liiiiittle dramatic, BUT this is Hollywood! It’s all part of the experience!) However…Labor Day in Los Angeles is just another warm, beautiful sunny weekend and excuse to get OUTSIDE and celebrate! Summer may be coming to a close in the rest of the USA, but don’t you worry— we’ll have at LEAST two more months of beautiful, summery weather in LA into October. Think of your Labor Day Weekend 2021 as just keeping the party going- the suns out, we’re vaxxed, we’re (cautiously) (safely) relaxed, and we’ve got so much to celebrate. Read on to discover the BEST things to do in LA for Labor Day Weekend. (Spoiler alert: they’re all outdoors.)

1. Throw a Beach Party

beach chairs lined up on beach

It’s still beyond me that at this time last year, we were still partying on Zoom, trying all kinds of ways to try and have fun together while staying home and staying safe. One major thing to celebrate this summer is being together again- something this author will never again take for granted. We still have a ways to go, and we’re always up for SAFE celebrations (outdoor and socially distanced)- so our fave chic option for an epic, very 2021 Labor Day Weekend is an outdoor beach bonanza eleganza extravaganza! This Labor Day, why don’t you throw yourself a private beach party? Which beach? You decide! LA’s full of ‘em. Bikes and Hikes LA will hook you up with an unforgettable group beach party, complete with games, snacks, music, photos, and good vibes all around! Planning a safe company retreat? A long rescheduled family reunion from 2020? A friends Labor Day end of summer bash? You pick the beach and the guest list, and we’ll take it from there. Our group beach party is the perfect socially distanced end of summer treat. Life’s a beach in LA, and we’re excited to party with you. Start planning your LA group beach party here.

2. Set Sea on a Private Sailing Regatta

a small boat in a body of water

Credit: Yachting World

We’re sure you’re seeing lots of commercials for Labor Day Sales…but did you ever consider…a Labor Day Sail? (I’ll see myself out.) This Labor Day, treat yourself and your group to a private, custom VIP Sailing Regatta, hosted by your pals at Bikes and Hikes LA! We’ll charter a sailboat out of a port of your choosing, and host you on a fun afternoon of sun, surf, and sailing. We’ll provide drinks, snacks, music, and good vibes, as you and your (literal) crew relax on a chartered vessel. We recommend this experience for groups looking for a luxurious afternoon on the high seas, with a little twist of adventure! Start designing your Labor Day Weekend Sailing Regatta here.

3. Design Your Dream [Sand] Castle – Group Sand Castle Building Lesson

a group of people standing on top of a sandy beach with Cadillac Ranch in the background

Okay, we promise that this next group activity for Labor Day is unlike anything else you’ve ever done in your life. Or at least since you were about 5 or 6 years old. How about for your Labor Day— a group Sandcastle Building Lesson? This is truly one of our most popular LA summer activities for groups, and it will be the most fun afternoon in your life. You and your group (and we recommend this experience for groups looking for fun, unique team building activities) will meet our expert sandcastle building guru on the beach for a crash course in sculpting the most exquisite sandcastles of your dreams. You’ll learn all of the tricks and tools of the trade, and you and your team will compete in a sandcastle building contest- a little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Build yourself a castle this Labor Day, and book your Group Sand Castle Building experience here.

4. Take a Private Hollywood Sign Hike

a group of people on a beach

For an extra special movie magic moment, as the weekend comes to a close, why not find that special someone (and this special someone could be your bestie, your mom, your crush, or your family member you haven’t been able to see for the past year- someone you love!) and treat them to a SPECTACULAR end of summer hike tour? We recommend booking our private Hollywood Sign Hike for the most magical end to your Labor Day weekend you can possibly imagine. This is the official hike to the Hollywood Sign, and on this hike, you’ll get closer to the Hollywood Sign than ANYWHERE ELSE in LA! Additionally, if you book this tour as a private hike tour, you’ll get a far more up close, personal, and intimate experience hiking to the Hollywood Sign, with a passionate local LA tour guide who can customize the tour to your liking. The Hollywood Sign Hike is our most popular LA hiking tour, and we hope to make you a fan, too. Book your extra special private Hollywood Sign Hike here.

5. Better, Faster, Stronger – Take a Private Hollywood Sign EXPRESS Hike

a man jumping in the air doing a trick

All right, for those of you who are over the mushy sentiments from above, and want to just get on with planning your LA Labor Day Weekend- this one’s for you! Want to take an epic hike tour but also have a growing itinerary of 15 other things to do in LA that day? Want to grab instantly iconic photos with the Hollywood Sign, but don’t feel like going on a 2.5 hour hike tour? This one’s for you! This summer, we unrolled our latest tour, the Official Hollywood Sign Express Hike Tour. This tour is a modified version of the above Hollywood Sign Hike– but it features all of the highlights of that tour in HALF of the time! You’ll meet your guide at a meeting point below the Hollywood Sign, walk up behind the sign, take some pictures, walk back down, head off for the rest of your day in LA. Boom! Easy peasy. We designed this hike for the go-getters with big plans- we know there’s SO much you want to see in Los Angeles before you head home for the end of the weekend, so we’re so happy to be a part of your LA vacation. For an extra special quick Hollywood Sign Hike, book our express hike as a private hike tour for you and your friends, family, or just a special guided tour for one. Book your Private Hollywood Sign Express Hike here!

Phew! Okay- it’s time to get planning. You have SO many options (and still more than enough time!!!) to plan the perfect Labor Day Weekend 2021 in LA. Which of our lineup of unique, unforgettable experiences will you choose? Take another deep breath. Picture yourself having the best weekend in LA in your life— we can help you make that dream a reality. Start planning your group trip to LA and Labor Day Weekend plans here!


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