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people in front of famous Pink Wall on Melrose Ave

Things to Do in LA before the Summer Ends!

a close up of Hollywood Sign

Hello and happy August to you! As the summer winds down, and back to school season is upon us-sorry, but WHERE did the summer go? Or the rest of the school year? Honestly, it still feels like March to me. 

Let’s start again: it’s almost back to school time! While that doesn’t mean that there’s any kind of shortage for fun, end of summer things to do in LA, especially things to do in LA in August, it’s time to start getting excited about the fall! September is just around the corner, and while #remotelife is still very much a thing, why not take advantage of it and take a little outdoor escape to LA?

This author has obviously waxed poetically about why August is the best month to visit Los Angeles, though if you’ve been following our blog all summer, we maintain a firm belief that there’s no bad time to come visit LA in the summer. Southern California is synonymous with summertime cool, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be part of this. Also- let us take a second for a quick reality check. We’re still in a pandemic. We’re masking up, we’re getting fully vaccinated, and we’re staying socially distanced while these unprecedented times are still upon us. However- don’t let that deter you from coming to LA, and don’t let the new restrictions hold you back from still having a fun, SAFE end of summer. LA is one of the safest places to come visit in the US, given the sheer volume of outdoor activities for tourists, allowing you to enjoy yourself while adhering to the three S’s: being SAFE, being SMART, and being SOCIALLY DISTANCED. It can be a little intimidating, keeping up with the changing news and mandates each day, and planning any kind of travel during COVID- or just trying to relax and have fun! Fortunately, Bikes and Hikes LA has got you covered when it comes to safe, sustainable, and UNFORGETTABLE end of summer activities. Read on to discover our favorite things to do in LA at the end of the summer. Be sure to smash that “book now” button once you’ve found your perfect end of summer tour!

The Dog Days are Here: The 5 Best Things to Do in LA before the End of the Summer

1. Hollywood Bike Tour

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Bikes, Camera, Action! (I’ll see myself out.) Movie making is still alive and well in Los Angeles. Production companies and unions have joined hands to protect the casts and crew from COVID by requiring vaccines across the board, movie theaters are reopening, and we are living in the literal golden age for television streaming. There are currently nearly 1,100 films and television shows in production/development at the moment. In the era of staying home and staying safe, there’s never been more demand for content (#contentisking,) so to summarize it— Hollywood is poppin’, movies are being greenlit left and right, and YOU have got to get yourself in on the action. Enter (from stage left) our Hollywood Bike Tour! (I will never apologize for the puns.) We love our Hollywood Bike Tour, as it’s the BEST way to get all of the top locations in Hollywood on one up close, personal, eco-friendly, and entertaining tour! This 3-hour, 12 mile bike tour gives you a front row (bike) seat to the best things to see in Hollywood: The world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the red-carpet worthy Dolby Theater (home of the Oscars,) CBS film studios (home of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden,) the Hollywood royalty that is the Paramount Pictures lot (the OG Hollywood film studio,) the mansions of Hancock Park, and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the final resting place of many film industry icons and favorites. Whew! (I haven’t even mentioned the incredible EXPERT LA TOUR GUIDE who will take you on the tour. You are in for a treat, trust me. Our Hollywood Bike Tour launches every day, and can be made into a private bike tour or an e-bike tour. Brush up on your film knowledge just before school starts! Book your Hollywood Bike Tour here…aaaaand cut!

2. Griffith Observatory Hike Tour

a person eating the hollywood sign on our griffith park hike a view of a city at sunset

Speaking of iconic filming locations, have you even VISITED LA if you haven’t checked out the Griffith Observatory? If you’re scratching your head and being like “Huh? The Griffith Observatory? I don’t know her…” I implore you to put down your phone/tablet/laptop (just for a sec, and then continue reading this blog post,) and go turn on…any movie or TV show that takes place in LA. I’m not a betting gal, but I’d be willing to say about 90% of LA TV shows and movies feature at least ONE sweeping shot of the magnificent Griffith Observatory, a planetarium/science museum/observatory/pavilion VERY FAMOUS filming location tucked in the Hollywood Hills in the heart of Griffith Park. If you’re a fan of La La Land, Terminator, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Rebel Without a Cause, Yes Man, Back to the Future, Friends with Benefits…etc etc…and again..literally any other show that takes place in Los Angeles, you’ve seen the Observatory in her glory on the big screen. If you do NOTHING else on your trip to LA, simply book our famous Griffith Observatory Hike, and prepare to have your mind blown by this hike tour. We’ll take you on a 3 mile, 2.5 hour hike tour of the Hollywood Hills, and up one of the most scenic mountains in Griffith Park. You’ll get 360 views of alllllll of Los Angeles, get your daily steps in, take drool-worthy instagram photos, peep the Hollywood Sign (more on that later,) and wrap it all up with an insider’s tour of the Griffith Observatory! The museum had been closed for a lot of the pandemic and has recently reopened to the public. The grounds of the Observatory and the views from the pavilion are million dollar worthy, and best of all, this tour is one of the best SOCIALLY DISTANCED options you have in all of LA! We’ll be outdoors the entire time, in the fresh air, and your guide will make sure to keep you safe, sound, and entertained as you walk through the hills. Keep your eyes peeled for hiking celebs and film crews- this might be your opportunity to get discovered! Book your Griffith Observatory Hike here.

3. Venice and Santa Monica Bike Tour

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle a bridge over a body of water

You can’t spell Venice without “v NICE!” An upshot of living in LA about which we’ll never stop bragging (and as long as I write this blog) is that LA has beach weather ALL YEAR ROUND! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think that a beach sunset gets even better towards the end of the summer (something about ephemeral joy, change of the seasons, etc- future nostalgia,) Anyhoo, one of our FAVORITE end of summer LA activities is our popular Venice and Santa Monica Beach Bike Tour! On this invigorating private bike tour, you’ll cruise along two of LA’s best beaches- the pristine, fun-filled Santa Monica Beach, and the edgy, artistic, eternally cool Venice Beach. You’ll cycle past endless beach volleyball players, rollerbladers, runners, other bikers (hello!), visitors, and locals alike, all while cruising down the coastline. You’ll see iconic sites in both beachside cities, such as the Venice Canals, Muscle Beach, and the Santa Monica Pier, and you’ll stop for photos, snacks, and sightseeing all the way. You can’t visit LA without hitting the beach, and if you were worried about the summer running out before prime beach time, fear not- book this private beach bike tour here. (Not feeling a guided tour? No sweat! We also offer LA bike rentals, so you can see LA at your own speed.)

4. Private LA in a Day Bike Tour

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle couple biking at the venice canals

a man riding on the back of a bicycle

The Witch’s House! C. Bikes and Hikes LA

They said it was impossible..they said it couldn’t be done…and yet…there IS a way to see LA in a day. YES! Who would have thunk that it’d be possible to experience allllll of a city that spans hundreds of miles and is home to millions in just one day? Not to brag..but we’ve got the best tour in LA on lockdown. For the past decade, we’ve been offering our world-famous full day tour of LA by bike to guests from all over the world. Our LA in a Day tour is a 35 mile, 5 hour bike tour, encompassing the best of the best of LA. Beverly Hills? Check. West Hollywood? Check. Bel Air? Check. Celebrity Homes. World famous filming locations. Beautiful beachside vistas. History, trivia, fun facts, celeb gossip galore- this tour has EVERYTHING. It’s the best way to check off all of the bucket list items you’ve been waiting to see in Los Angeles, while getting an incredible outdoor workout the whole time. For an even sleeker, faster, and more comfortable upgrade, try this tour on our premium electric bikes- we promise you’ll feel ten times cooler and faster. This tour can also be made private, for guests looking for a safe, VIP style experience. If you needed any other incentives to book this tour, does anything else scream “END OF SUMMER” like cool ice pops and refreshing beverages? You’ll get those post-tour, too. Truly…this tour has everything. Book LA’s hottest tour, LA in a Day, here.

5. Hollywood Sign Hike

a person standing on a beach a close up of Hollywood Sign a group of people posing for a photo a man standing in front of a mountain

And for the grand finale, our fifth favorite thing to do in LA at the end of the summer is just SO Hollywood. Bikes and Hikes LA has proudly presented our famous ORIGINAL Hollywood Sign Hike for the past several years. Our hike to the Hollywood Sign is the CLOSEST way to get to the Hollywood Sign in LA- we will get you up close and personal with the Hollywood Sign (ever heard of it?) on this 2.5 hour, 3 mile hike tour. If you’ve ever wondered “how to hike to the Hollywood Sign,” look no further. This guided tour has got you covered- you’ll get the BEST pictures of the Hollywood Sign, you’ll hear all of the juicy, made-for-the-movies history behind the world’s most famous sign, you will see, truly, the most EXQUISITE views of Los Angeles- all while keeping cool, safe, and socially distanced on this popular hike tour. Upgrade to a private tour like the movie star you are for an intimate Hollywood Sign Sunset Hike– it’s the best final act to a summer far more hopeful than the last one. Book your Hollywood Sign Hike here- it’s time for your close-up!

Now that we’ve covered that…what are you waiting for? Time’s a tickin’! It’s not too late to still have the best summer of your lives, and do it safely, too- give our office a call today and let us know how we can curate the dreamiest, most cinematic, best LA summer tour of all time for you. Florence and the Machine may say “the dog days are over,” but at Bikes and Hikes LA, they’ve only just begun. See you in LA.


Our Beverly Hills tour by bike is an intimate experience where you will pedal through one of the world’s most famous cities – Beverly Hills! Your guide will take you to see celebrity homes, iconic landmarks, and show you the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive! Sunshine, exercise, and celebrity sightings await you on the Beverly Hills tour! Daily 10:30am departure.