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Baby, You’re a Firework

Celebrate the 4th of July with Bikes and Hikes LA!

Happy Summer! When planning your summer vacation, it’s never too early to start thinking about your Fourth of July plans. Bikes and Hikes LA would love to host you on one of our epic summer tours of LA – let us show you how to hike to the Hollywood Sign, show you all of LA on a guided bike tour, or give you the best LA itinerary with our LA bike









rentals! Read more to discover what the best things to do in LA for your 4th of July trip, and book with Bikes and Hikes LA today! We can’t wait to see you this summer!

What is there to do in LA for the 4th of July?

a person holding the hollywood sign in their hand on our griffith park hike

LA is the best city in the country to visit for outdoor summer plans. It’s also the safest place to visit in the United States. Our year-round poolside and beach weather make it the top family vacation destination for summer months. Whether you’re coming to LA for the sun, the beach, the Hollywood Experience, the nightlife, or just a few well-deserved days off, Bikes and Hikes LA are more than happy to hook you up with your dream game plan while you’re visiting. Read ahead to discover the best things to do in LA for the 4th of July this year!

Top 5 Things to Do in LA for the 4th of July

Take a Hike During the 4th of July Weekend

four people hiking behind the hollywood sign

Duh. You knew we were going to say this. But seriously. Our favorite day of the YEAR to hike in LA is the 4th of July, because from the vantage point of our favorite Hollywood Hills Hike, you’ll get a sweeping view of fireworks alllllll across Los Angeles! Our city is massive- it’s over 500 square miles of a melting pot of neighborhoods, cities, and people, and with the latest news about California hopefully reaching herd immunity by Independence Day this year…we’ve all got a lot to celebrate.

Jump start your 4th of July with our morning Hollywood Sign Hike, take your family on our famed Griffith Observatory hike tour, OR wrap up your 4th of July with a sunset Hollywood Hills Griffith Park Hike. You can also make your fourth of July in LA extra special by booking a private hike tour with your family, group, or that special someone. Our expert tour guide team will lead you on LA’s best hike, complete with stories, Instagram opportunities, and memories for a lifetime! Book your Hollywood Sign hike here.

Location: Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Name: 4th of July Hike Tour

Description: A 2.5 hour or 3 hour hike tour through Griffith Park. Hike tour options include a Hollywood Sign Hike Tour and a Griffith Park Hike Tour. All LA hike tours can be made private.

Availability: Book here

Price: View pricing options here.

Deals: Upgrade your hiking tour to a private hike tour!

Rent a Bike for the Holiday

a man with a bicycle in front of a green field

c. Bikes and Hikes LA

Bikes and Hikes LA (and our sister shop, Bike Shop LA) is the best place in LA to rent a bike, and the 4th of July weekend is the perfect time to rent a bike in LA.

We have the best array of different types of LA rental bikes to accompany you on the weekend of your dreams! We rent electric bikes, road bikes, city bikes, and mountain bikes, depending on which bike trail in LA you’re planning on conquering.

We offer daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals, allowing you to see LA at your own pace. Our bike rentals are the best option for groups and families looking to explore LA on their own time, or for the intrepid solo traveler seeking adventure for the weekend. Our expert bike shop staff will outfit you with your rental bike, helmet, bike lock, and the best tips for biking in LA this summer. Add renting a bike in LA to your 4th of July weekend plans this year!

Location: Bike Shop LA , the best LA bike shop in West Hollywood

Name: Bike Shop LA

Description: Looking for bike rentals near you? Our LA bike rentals are the best place to rent bikes in LA. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly LA bike rentals for your 4th of July weekend in LA.

Availability: Rent a bike here.

Price: View pricing options here.

Deals: Upgrade your LA bike rental to an electric bike rental here!

Take a Beachside Bike Ride

a guide from bikes and hikes la standing next to the pacific ocean

This summer’s all about the beach, baby, and taking a beach bike ride is the perfect way to spend your fourth of July weekend in LA. Bikes and Hikes LA offers a variety of beach bike rides and private tours for an extra special weekend extravaganza! Try a private bike tour of Venice and Santa Monica, a Bike and Bites LA Food Tour of the South Bay of Los Angeles in Hermosa Beach, or try a private bike ride along the cliffs of Palos Verdes on our private Terranea Bike Tour. Nobody does beaches like LA, and we love showing you our favorite places to bike on the beach in Southern California. All of our LA beach biking tours can be made private, and depending on your needs and plans while you’re visiting LA for the 4th of July, we can plan a custom bike tour of LA just for you! If you’re looking for a full day in LA tour, read on…

Location: Venice, Santa Monica, West Hollywood – Bikes and Hikes LA

Name: Beach Bike Tours: Private Venice Beach and Santa Monica Bike Tour, Bikes and Bites Beach Bike Tour, Private Terranea Bike Tour

Description: Take a private beach bike tour for the 4th of July Weekend with Bikes and Hikes LA! We offer a variety of private LA beach bike tours, including our Venice and Santa Monica Beach Bike Tours, our Bikes and Bikes Tour of the South Bay, our private LA in a Day Bike Tour, our private Terranea Beach Bike Tour, and more!

Availability: Book here

Price: View pricing options here.

Deals: Upgrade your LA bike tour to a private bike tour with our expert LA tour guides!

See LA in a Day

Biking along the beach in LA

You read that right. One of our favorite things to recommend our guests who come to visit LA is our illustrious, world-famous LA in a Day Bike Tour! In our humble opinion, our popular LA in a Day Bike Tour is the best way to see LA in one spectacular day!

LA in a Day takes you through the best places to see in LA in one unforgettable day-long bike tour. You’ll hit Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice Beach, and more! We offer e-bike upgrades for all of our LA Bike tours, and our LA in a Day Bike tour is fit for kids ages 7-97 (yes, the kids at heart, too!) making it the perfect family-friendly group bike tour! For our LA in a Day Bike Tour and the aforementioned beach bike tours, we’ll make sure to stop and cheer for any firework displays on the way– we have a lot to celebrate this summer! Book your LA in a Day Bike Tour here.

Location: Bikes and Hikes LA – Los Angeles, CA

Name: LA in a Day Bike Tour!

Description: Our epic, full-day, all-city tour on a bike is our most popular bike tour! Our LA in a Day Bike Tour is the top rated tour in Los Angeles for its all-encompassing, action packed, scenic itinerary! You’ll see all of the best places to see in LA in one unforgettable day!

Availability: Book here

Price: View pricing options here.

Deals: Upgrade your LA in a Day bike tour to a private electric bike tour with our expert LA tour guides!

Celebrate with Celebrities on a Runyon Canyon Hike

girl doing yoga hollywood hills

The final best thing to do in LA for the 4th of July is to hike LA’s most iconic hiking trail- Runyon Canyon, located in the heart of Hollywood. You’ve seen it in countless films, TV series, and reality shows, and it is packed with celebrities, models, and surely undiscovered stars aplenty. Runyon Canyon is a great place to hike with your family, your dog, your baby, or just your cool self, soaking in some of the best views of LA, Hollywood, West Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, and all the way out to the Pacific Ocean. Let Bikes and Hikes LA take you on a private Runyon Canyon Hike for the 4th of July- either early in the morning, to watch the sun rise over LA as you jump start your day, or in the evening, to get a front-row, red carpet seat to the best firework displays in LA. You may bump elbows with a celebrity along the way though, so keep your sunglasses on and your eyes peeled!

Location: Runyon Canyon, Hollywood, CA

Name: Private Runyon Canyon Hike Tour

Description: Hike through Runyon Canyon on our famous early bird celebrity hike tour at Bikes and Hikes LA! Hike Hollywood’s most popular hike trail, and catch an A-Lister or two while you’re at it!

Availability: Book here

Price: View pricing options here.

Deals: Take our private LA hike tour and pop by the Monarch Café at Bike Shop LA afterwards for refreshments, snacks, beverages, and free wifi!

For more options to book the best 4th of July activities in LA, call Bikes and Hikes LA today and let us help you design the greatest weekend you’ll ever had, with the top recommendations and tips for things to do in LA. Happy 4th of July to you!


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