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a group of people standing in front of a mountain


The Official Hollywood Sign EXPRESS HIKE!




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It’s a new year, and a new us. We survived the pandemic. We continue to operate safe, fun, family-friendly tours for visitors, and now that the state is fully reopened, we’d like to be the first to welcome you back to California. Come visit us this summer, and kick off your first post-pandemic family vacation or 4th of July in LA on our latest, greatest tour: our OFFICIAL HOLLYWOOD SIGN HIKE EXPRESS TOUR!!

Wait, you think. Can’t I already hike to the Hollywood Sign with Bikes and Hikes LA? Don’t you have a Hollywood Sign Hike already? Don’t you email me at least once a week, inviting me to take the best tours in LA? (Guilty. But come on, how cute are our emails? And how fun are our LA tours?! And if you haven’t subscribed to our email list already- what are you even doing? Subscribe here.) Anyway, all of the above is correct- we DO have an Official Hollywood Sign Hike, you CAN book a Hollywood Sign Hike Tour with us, and we WILL send you all kinds of fun updates regularly about what’s going on at Bikes and Hikes LA.

And we’d love to hear from you, too! Drop us a line with ideas, questions, and cool photos from your LA tours!

Back to the subject at hand. We LOVE our Official Hollywood Sign Hike Tour so much, that we created a newer, hotter, faster version of it – introducing our newest outdoor LA tour, the Official Hollywood Sign Express Hike! This Hollywood Sign Hike is an abridged, express version of our popular Official Hollywood Sign Hike, shortened to a 1.5 hour tour. This tour is perfect for the go-getters, goal setters, early risers, and bucket listers in your group. We created this tour for guests with packed itineraries and big days planned, who want to knock out a hike to the Hollywood Sign, and head right to brunch/the pool/whatever other fabulous things you have on your agenda for your visit to Los Angeles. This hike tour allows you to take in all of the sights and highlights of our Hollywood Sign Hike, including panoramic views on Los Angeles, unbeatable instagram opportunities, good exercise, and an iconic lifetime opportunity to take in the Hollywood Sign and all of its glory. Read on to discover why you should book our Hollywood Sign Express Hike this summer!


The main reason we created the Hollywood Sign Express Hike is so you can take in all of the best parts of our OFFICIAL Hollywood Sign Hike in a shortened, quicker version of our OG tour. You can schedule your day around a quick walking tour up to the Hollywood Sign, grab some pictures in front of the sign and behind the sign, hear our local guides’ epic tales of local, iconic Hollywood History, and then wrap up your tour at the base of the Hollywood Sign, and go about your day. It’s a 1.5 hour, 2.5 mile walk- boom. Easy. Simple. Official. Express.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera

You’ll jump start your day…with an invigorating walk!

Don’t be fooled by the name! Even though the Official Hollywood Sign Hike Express Hike is a quick, easy version of our Hollywood Sign Hike, you’ll take in a great little workout on this express Hollywood Hike Tour. The hike is an easy to moderate one, which kicks off on a flat path, and leads you up a mostly paved road up behind the Hollywood Sign. You’ll take in a couple thousand steps, and burn some calories as you stroll up the hill. We encourage hikers of all ages and fitness levels to book this tour- you’ll be ready for a big lunch or brunch afterwards!

four girls hike behind the hollywood sign

You’ll hear all the juicy stories…and get tips for the perfect trip to Los Angeles!

Reason number 593993 why you should take our Hollywood Sign Express Hike? Our incredibly talented crew of passionate local tour guides. Our staff love their jobs and showing off our favorite parts of Hollywood History, pop culture, scenery, and hotspots to you. Your mind will be blown at the powerful punch our guides pack on this tour, as they regale you with all kinds of made-for-the-movies Hollywood Trivia, point out iconic film locations, and share with you what makes LA so special to us. You’ll get all this and more on our Express Hike- half the time and twice as nice.

a man standing on a beach

You’ll take…the best pictures of the Hollywood Sign!

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, so we’re just going to leave these here.

a man riding a bike down a dirt road a person standing in front of a mountain a group of people posing on a hike behind the hollywood sign two girls in front of hollywood sign
This could be you. Just saying. Let us be part of your “A Star is Born” moment. In addition to being expert storytellers and LA Ambassadors, our guides are trained extensively in the art of cell phone photography, and will not rest until you get your perfect Hollywood Sign photo! We cannot say it enough- this is the CLOSEST you will get to the Hollywood Sign. You’ll get photos directly below the Hollywood Sign, and up behind the sign atop Mount Lee, upon which the Sign sits. Our guides will make you feel and look like a star, and you can amass a little LA fanbase of your own from your beautiful Instagram photos.

Be sure to tag us @bikeshikesla so that we can become your new biggest fans, too.

You’ll leave…with the best memories of your trip to LA!

Our Official Hollywood Sign Hike Express is a must-do, whether it’s your first time visiting LA, your 80th time, or you’ve lived here your whole life. We are so lucky to call the Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park our collective back yard in Los Angeles. The world’s most famous sign, the pinnacle icon synonymous with the film industry, with stardom, with dreams is RIGHT HERE. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime- take your family, your friends, or yourself on our OFFICIAL Hollywood Sign Hike– and now, take our OFFICIAL Hollywood Sign Express Hike, check it off your bucket list, and carry on with the rest of your wonderful day in LA. We’re so glad to have you – come back soon

five people in front of hollywood sign

So! In conclusion, what are you waiting for? All you go getters out there, run, don’t walk, and hike with us on our Official Hollywood Sign Express Hike. We’re so excited to kick off your summer together, and welcome you to both Los Angeles AND the Bikes and Hikes LA family. Our hike tours are open all summer long, and we’re happy to host you and your group on any of our daily public hiking tours, OR put together a VIP private Hollywood Sign Group Hiking Tour. If hiking’s not your thing, that’s totally cool (but we’ll try and convince you otherwise)- just check out the rest of our elite fleet of outdoor LA summer tours. Head for the hills- the Hollywood Hills, that is! We’ll see you soon.


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