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Quick Details

  • Length: Approximately 2 hours.
    *PLEASE NOTE: The timing of this adventure may be customized based on your time frame.
  • Meeting Place: Customizable. (suggested: Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Orange County +)
  • Purpose: Experience a day behind the scenes of a professional sand sculptor.
  • Fitness Level: All levels of fitness are welcome!
  • For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

Please note: This is experience is intended for groups, team building, and is also available to be booked as a private, VIP experience. This experience starts at $2500 per group, and is available to be customized with any add-ons or group preferences.

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  • 2-hour sand castle building lesson with expert sand castle builder
  • Tools and tutorial for creating sandcastle masterpieces
  • Group teambuilding
  • Instagram opportunities
  • Contests and prizes
  • Unlimited sunshine
  • Lunch
  • Ocean views
  • …and more!

What We’ll Do

For your next LA teambuilding experience, try something different. Take your next LA company outing to the beach and join us under the sun for a unique sand castle building experience taught by a world class sculptor!

Our group sand castle lesson and team building experience allows for you and your group to spend several hours learning and building your own sand castle sculptures under the instruction of a world-class sand castle sculptor! You’ll be provided with tools and learn the fundamentals of creating your own sand sculptures, and enjoy an afternoon of sun and team bonding by the ocean! We also give groups the option to get competitive and creative; make your team sandcastle building lesson a contest, with prizes for all! You and your group can cap off an afternoon of hard work and creativity with a beach side lunch, multiple photo opportunities, and a handy new skill for your next trip to the beach.

We also cater to birthday parties and private groups! Celebrate your next birthday with a custom sandcastle building extravaganza.

All of our group sand castle building experiences can be customized around a group’s time frame and itinerary.

What is Provided

  • Expert Instructor
  • On-site liaison
  • Tools (shovels, pencils, spatulas etc.)
  • Equipment (Buckets, sculptor tubes, sand molds, etc.)
  • Water & healthy snacks
  • Prizes
  • Sunscreen

What to Expect

  • This experience is great for groups looking for an unforgettable team building experience!
  • This is an easy team building experience
  • Experience can be customized according to group’s preferences and time frame
  • Guests can expect beautiful ocean views, good vibes, and unforgettable memories

Optional Add-On Services

What to Bring

  • Comfortable shirt and shorts/pants
  • Jacket/windbreaker or sweatshirt (weather depending)
  • Closed-toe shoes

About LA Sand Castle Building Lesson

Have you ever wondered how these beautiful sand sculptures along the beach are created? Book our Sand Castle Building lesson with an expert instructor (U.S. Open’s Sand Castle Builder Champion), and we’ll show you! You don’t need any artistic ability or experience – you just need to be able to have fun! Are you up for a challenge? We can make it a contest and we will even provide the prizes!

How it Works

For your next team outing, foster a little healthy competition among your coworkers with our sandcastle building contest. Our expert sand castle builder will do a group instruction, teaching you the tricks of the trade and sandcastle building basics. Then, we’ll divide you into smaller teams, and you’ll compete to build the winning sandcastle creation. Prizes will be awarded based on categories such as:

      • Tallest
      • Most sand used
      • Best sculpture
      • Most gravity defeating build
      • Best detail
      • Best replica of an item, person or place
      • Best decorated (shells, seaweed etc.)
      • And many more!

This experience is designed for larger groups who want to build something really BIG – be it a castle, a beach billboard or a virtual living room, and it’s also an excellent idea for your next birthday party bonanza!

Book our group LA Sand Castle Building lesson today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the LA sandcastle building experience work?

  • Go ahead and book, let us know about your group and any extras you may want to add. We will create an experience best suited to your needs.

Can you make us a company logo sandcastle?

  • Yes, of course. When you book your sandcastle experience, send us an image of what you would like to have done. Your custom sandcastle will be waiting for you upon arrival.

Do you provide catering services for the sandcastle lesson?

  • There is a variety of food catering options available for your group. This can be set up on site or integrated with our Bikes and Bites adventure.

Is there a MIN. or MAX. group amount we need for this experience to take place?

  • We can accommodate nearly any size group.

Can anyone do this?

  • There are almost no limitations. If you can use your hands you’re a part of the sand fortress team! We look forward to having you!

How does the competition work?

  • Your group will be split into teams and will compete for all kinds of categories: most impressive, best decorated, team spirit,  highest sandcastle etc. Get creative!
  • The winning teams receive golden medals or any other prizes of your choosing.

What does the setup look like?

  • Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by your liaison under a shady marque. Water, chairs and relaxing beach mats will surround the area.
  • A few feet away, you’ll see your custom sand castle, and your private, world class sand castle creator will meet you and begin to  demonstrate some secret sand castle building techniques.
  • After an interactive tutorial, the sandcastle sculpting extravaganza begins! Best of luck.

I have so many more questions!

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