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Our Group Tours Of Los Angeles Are TripAdvisor’s #1 Rated Outdoor Activity In The City.

Los Angeles is one of the world’s great cities. It’s the home of America’s storied entertainment industry, and the city is steeped in Hollywood legend. It’s also a place where the rich history of America rubs elbows contemporary pop culture, and the rich and famous mingle alongside regular folk. LA is like no other place on Earth, and this unique city deserves a unique approach to group tours and sightseeing. That’s exactly what Bikes and Hikes LA delivers.

A group of people on bikes on the beach in Los Angeles

Bikes and Hikes LA leads innovative eco tours of Los Angeles and its environs, with a special focus on special private VIP tours and custom-created experiences for domestic and international travelers. LA has a notorious reputation as a “car city,” but the reality is that visitors and residents can enjoy a much more fulfilling, rewarding, and intimate experience by bike or on foot.

Our dedicated customer service team is happy to work within your budgetary and scheduling confines to put together a bespoke Los Angeles sightseeing adventure. You can look to our popular lineup of standard daily tours for inspiration, or create a one-of-a-kind outing of your own with the help of our staff. We’re happy to make suggestions based on your personal tastes, or leverage our advanced knowledge of Los Angeles history and geography to brainstorm ideas with you.

Bikes And Hikes LA Offers Custom And VIP Private Group Tours Of Los Angeles Year-Round. Beat Jet Lag And Take Advantage Of Southern California’s Great Weather!

Los Angeles is the perfect place to spend time outdoors, as the city enjoys warm weather in every season and averages only about 35 rainy days per year. If you’ve traveled a long way to visit LA, our group tours are the perfect antidote for jet lag, as the two top treatments for this common condition are exercise and sun exposure.

As our name implies, bike rides and hikes are our specialty. Cycling group tours are always configured to avoid major traffic corridors, and our bike rides and hikes can customized to match the needs of people of all fitness levels. Beyond private hiking and biking tours that highlight the city’s most storied neighborhoods and iconic attractions, we can also arrange sailing experiences, movie stars’ homes tours, scavenger hunts, walking tours, beach activities, and practically any other outdoor activity you can think of. VIP service like hotel pick-up and discreet luxury transportation are also available.

We’d love to help you enjoy a happy, healthy Los Angeles tour experience. Book your tour today, or contact us for further information.

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