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a man teaches a small child the history of los angeles on a scenic hike tour of the hollywood hills in los angeles

Back to School: Tours for Students and School Groups!

Los Angeles may not be synonymous with fall foliage, pumpkins, or sweater weather (unless, of course, you’re referring to sweating it out in the summer time//all year round,) and the reason why is the exact reason you should take a trip to LA in September/this autumn: it’s summer all year round in Los Angeles! It is literally ALWAYS the perfect time to come visit LA, to take an outdoor LA tour, and to experience Los Angeles in an up close, personal, and sustainable way. Every season is beach season, and it’s always the perfect time of year to take a bike, hike, walking, or other kind of outdoor tour. School’s in session- but wouldn’t the BEST type of vacation from Zoom be recess outside in the Hollywood Hills on a hike tour? How about taking PE to the PCH on a private beach bike tour? Read on to discover our favorite LA back-to-school activities.

1 . Group Hike to the Hollywood Sign


Something we’re so proud of in LA (and something this east-coast born and bred author wishes she had in school!) is the easy access to the BEAUTIFUL, bountiful hiking trails aplenty in Los Angeles. Hiking is in our blood in LA, and we love sharing it with all who come to visit. We feel so lucky to have so many gorgeous, epic hiking trails in our backyard, and strongly believe in the importance of sharing that natural splendor with younger members of our community. For your class’s next field trip, take them on our popular, award winning Official Hollywood Sign Hike! Starting in the heart of Griffith Park, this custom group hike tour takes you more up close and personal with the Hollywood Sign than *any other company* in Los Angeles. Take your school group on our Hollywood Sign Hike, and give the kids the coolest history lesson AND nature walk they’ve ever been on. Our (fully vaccinated) local tour guides will regale your class with the craziest Hollywood Tales they’ve ever seen, get tons of cool pictures with the Hollywood Sign, and can even coordinate a picnic lunch and activities below the sign after your epic hike tour! Book your school group Hollywood Sign Hike here.

2. Group Nature Walk

Terranea Tidepools Terranea Mindfulness Hike

Photo courtesy of elil808 (Trover)

a group of people hiking through tidepools in terranea ca

Take your group on the coolest adventure of the high seas- an afternoon nature walk through the tide pools of the South Bay of Los Angeles, where “Pirates of the Caribbean” was filmed! Our group nature walk through the Terranea tidepools is the perfect outdoor educational adventure for the little explorers in your group! We’ll go exploring and discover the natural flora and fauna in the eco-preserve on the famed Terranea resort, and spend an afternoon in the sun. Perfect for groups looking to make science come to life! We can also arrange for a group scavenger hunt (see below,) a group beach day, or a picnic with games and prizes! This group tour is exercise, nature, and outdoor fun all in one! Book your group nature walk here.

3. Group Scavenger Hunt


Looking for: Interested, intrepid school groups with a zest for adventure! Who? You! Check this item off your LA bucket list- a Los Angeles scavenger hunt, customizable for your group of students or field trip! We LOVE sharing our beautiful city with explorers of all ages, and we would LOVE to create a scavenger hunt for your school group to discover our favorite parts of LA. Take your little adventurers on a historical walk through the top sites in Hollywood- or perhaps you’d rather an epic outdoor nature scavenger hunt in the Hollywood Hills! Feeling beachy? Take your class for a seaside scavenger hunt on one of the best beaches in Los Angeles! Your group can do a beach scavenger hike, learning about all kinds of beachside creatures and ecosystems, and celebrating a job well-done afterwards with a picnic and beach party! Book your group scavenger hunt here.

4. Group Bike Tour

a group of people posing for a photo

a row of parked motorcycles sitting on top of a wooden fence

a group of people and bicycles on a bike tour of the venice canals

In case it wasn’t toooooootally obvious, at Bikes and Hikes LA, we LOVE biking (you could say it’s about 50% of our genetic makeup!) and we love sharing the gift of biking in LA with kids ages 7-97! For the most epic, unique, out of the box field trip, take your group on a bike tour of Los Angeles. We offer three daily biking tours of LA, and can produce the coolest bike tour for your school group to see LA in an up-close and personal way. Your students will hear all the craziest stories about the history of Los Angeles and watch them come to life, as they pedal past the most famous sites in town. Your group will also get fresh air and exercise on this custom length bike tour. Ride along the coast on our Venice and Santa Monica Beach Bike Tour, or take a private version of our famous LA in a Day Full Tour of Los Angeles. All of our bike tours can be customized for your next school field trip- start designing your custom group bike tour here!

5. Group Downtown Walking Tour

Finally, in addition to sweeping mountains and beach vistas, Los Angeles is home to the award-winning array of skyscrapers, museums, and architectural feats that is Downtown Los Angeles. Downtown LA is home to some of the tallest buildings on the West Coast, some of the world’s finest art museums, best neighborhoods, and gorgeous urban street art, appealing to the future designers and artists among your class. It’s also been the backdrop for many an iconic film, TV show, and music video- watch for familiar settings the next time you’re watching -literally-any- piece about LA. Take your class on a walking tour of Downtown LA, and soak up the area’s rich history. Art, culture, and exercise meet on this entertaining, thought-provoking walking tour. Keep your eyes peeled for film crews, too- today might be YOUR day to get discovered! Get started designing YOUR class walking tour of LA here.


After a year of being indoors and learning over Zoom, have your class put down their screens for an afternoon and get outside! Los Angeles is the queen of outdoor activities, learning, and FUN all year round, and at Bikes and Hikes LA, we’re so proud to be able to bring the natural beauty of LA to life for kids of all ages! School is in session, and we can’t wait to be part of YOUR class’s educational journey. Your homework assignment? Drop us a line today to start planning your school group tour – extra credit if you follow Bikes and Hikes LA on Instagram, too. Class dismissed!


Our Beverly Hills tour by bike is an intimate experience where you will pedal through one of the world’s most famous cities – Beverly Hills! Your guide will take you to see celebrity homes, iconic landmarks, and show you the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive! Sunshine, exercise, and celebrity sightings await you on the Beverly Hills tour! Daily 10:30am departure.