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5 Myths About LA You’ll Un-Learn on our Los Angeles Tours!

a sunset over a beach in santa monica on a los angeles tour

Photo by Nick Chung on Unsplash

Oh Hollywood- shrouded with secrets, glamour, celebrities, and notorious legends. You’ll learn on our Los Angeles Tours that in a town full of actors and performers, and people with a penchant for performance, it can be hard to distinguish the difference between fact and fiction. Chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about Los Angeles, and whether it’s something having to do with paparazzi, gossip, salacious stories, or worse, the dreaded “T” word (“traffic!”) you’ve made up your mind about the city before ever setting foot in the City of Angels. Listen, we get it- LA has quite a reputation. However, don’t judge a book by its palm tree studded, sunset drenched, occasionally smog filled cover- here at Bikes and Hikes LA Tours, we seek to pull back the glittering curtain shrouding Hollywood in mystery, and bring you the best of the best LA facts, figures, and tidbits on our Los Angeles Tours. We’re no TMZ;  read on to discover the truth behind several VERY popular myths about Los Angeles- and better yet, discover even more interesting stories, sweeping vistas, and star-studded locations when you book an LA tour or team building tour. Hold on to your hats- we’re about to get real.

5 Myths About LA You’ll Un-Learn on our Los Angeles Tours

Myth #1 – You absolutely need a car to get around LA

a road in los angeles lined with palm trees on a los angeles tour

Photo by Rihards Sergis on Unsplash

For the people in the back, and for the peanut gallery, shouting it again to the rooftops. You do not- I repeat- you DO NOTneed a car to get around LA!


YES, Los Angeles is spread out. (We’ll show you on our Los Angeles Tours- just you wait!)

YES, there is traffic, and frequently, it’s pretty annoying/maddening. YES, having a car makes things like going to the grocery store, the beach, running quick errands, and looking cool as heck driving down PCH with the wind whipping through your hair- a lot cooler. K. Now that we’ve got that out of the way- it is absolutely doable to live and exist in LA without a car, and frankly, sometimes much easier than having to deal with car maintenance. Having a car means that you need to find an apartment building with a parking spot. It means having to spend an arm and a leg on gas, parking fees, insurance, gas, smog checks, car payments, and have we mentioned gas? Have you SEEN prices lately? Additionally, for a city like LA that heralds itself as a champion for the environment and all things green, we burn that away daily whenever we get behind the wheel. If EVERYONE in LA took public transit JUST FOR A DAY, as a city, we would cut back on carbon emissions by nearly triple the normal amount.

The BEST way to see LA is by bike- we have the best weather in the country all year round (see below,) and by biking around, you’ll save on gas, get great exercise, and experience our fair city in an up-close and personal way. Our tip for the best way to experience LA? Any one of our Los Angeles Tours by bike. We recommend you book a Los Angeles Tour and bike through LA in a Day on our most popular LA tour. We also recommend our Hollywood Bike Tour if you’re craving a slice of the film industry, or for a little getaway, our Westlake Mountain Bike Tour for a true escape to natural paradise. No car? No problem.

a mountain bike in the hills of westlake on a private los angeles tours westlake

Myth #2- It’s Burning Hot ALLLLLL the Time in LA

a view of venice california at sunset

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

Obviously, LA is sunny and pretty close to perfection most of the year, save for the few days it rains (and we’re talking like, approximately a week or so a year that it rains in LA, it is so rare,) almost to a point where you’re like – wait- can’t we have ONE gross day where I can lay in bed and watch Netflix and not feel badly about how gorgeous it is outside? No? Okay. Believe the hype- it’s beautiful out here pretty much year round. HOWEVER- here’s a little insider tip from this East Coast transplant to you. Moving to California, one assumes that it’s going to be nice and warm all the time. Guess what? It’s actually a little colder than you think in LA! Thanks to the cool air from the Pacific Ocean, (ever heard of it?) LA mornings tend to start off a little chilly (think 50-60 degrees Farenheight/10-20 degrees Celsius,) and cloudy! Once it gets to be about noon, the sun comes out, the day warms up, and life is just peachy. Most days, it’s about 70 F/30 C, sunny, easy, and breezy in LA (perfect weather for an LA tour!) Once the sun sets, it drops down about ten degrees- in sum, most of the year in LA is, to quote “Miss Congeniality,” not too hot, not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket. The best way to experience these incredible Pacific temperatures? On our Venice and Santa Monica Bike Tour. You’ll get up close and personal with the best beaches in LA, pedal through trendy beach side neighborhoods, and see LA the best possible way- on an outdoor Los Angeles tour.

Myth #3- You Can’t Walk Anywhere in LA

a view of a path in beverly hills available on our los angeles tours

Photo by Venti Views on Unsplash

There’s a song about nobody walking in LA that I won’t link here; it’s not only not my fave, but it is PATENTLY untrue! Yes, LA is a constellation of freeways and traffic jams and cars, etc., etc. At Bikes and Hikes LA Tours, we don’t believe in being stuck in traffic- we believe that you ARE traffic (if you’re sitting in a car.) LA is actually incredibly walkable, and the scenery, topography, and people watching changes neighborhood to neighborhood- you just need to know where to walk. We love strolling around West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, Los Feliz, Koreatown, and more. You’ll see gorgeous movie star homes, beautiful landscapes, and possibly see a celebrity or two! If you REALLY want to know our favorite places to walk in LA, check out our stellar lineup of LA walking tours. This summer, we’re hyping our Hollywood Walk of Fame Walking Tour and our Walking Tour of Beverly Hills– two incredible Los Angeles Tours in the best neighborhoods in LA. Check out those LA team building tours and other walking tours here!

a view of a street in los angeles

Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash

Myth #4- It’s Hard to Meet People in LA

a group of people standing in the desert on a joshua tree group tour




Not true! Yes, there are a ton of famous people here, and sometimes navigating the atmosphere and culture out here is a little difficult. However, if you look hard enough, you’ll realize that everyone who comes out to LA has a dream and wants to make it out here. It’s a spread out town, and sometimes hard to meet people, but there are a lot of friendly faces about; you just have to put your best foot forward. And WHAT better way to put your best foot forward than on a Los Angeles tour – by foot? Our Los Angeles tours are an excellent way to meet people, whether you’re just in for the weekend, or have lived in the area your entire life, taking a hike tour with us, or a walk, or checking out our sizzling array of group team building activities. There’s a little something for everyone in LA, and we can’t wait to be a part of your journey- here’s hoping you kick it off on one of our LA Tours.

Myth #5- You Can’t Get Good Bagels or Pizza in LA

a bagel and a jarritos soda at an la restaurant

Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda on Unsplash

Okay. This one’s very, VERY debatable. As the author of this piece and a die-hard, New York-LA transplant, I am a hard sell when it comes to finding good – even adequate- bagels and pizza in Los Angeles. However- they exist. And as with finding the best places to walk, the best LA tours to meet people, and fame and fortune, you just have to know where to look. Last year, a survey came out that claimed California actually had BETTER bagels than New York. While I’m not entirely sure of that (and you can read more about that here,) the good news is, good bagels and pizza exist in Los Angeles. f you’re looking for other good eats while you’re in LA, I HIGHLY recommend that you and your group take our “Bikes and Bites” LA Food Tour. You’ll pedal through some of the top beachfront properties in Los Angeles for an exhilarating, sun soaked bike ride, and stop at our favorite places to eat in LA. If that Los Angeles Tour doesn’t sound delectable, I don’t know what does. And fine, I’ll admit it- while I’ll always love my New York bagels and pizza, there are SO MANY INCREDIBLE PLACES TO EAT IN LA THAT IT MERITS AN ALL-CAPS SENTENCE. Want some insider tips and recommendations for where to eat in LA? Book a private tour of LA here, and your guide will set you up for success. Bon appétit!

Want more fun facts and figures? Check out our LA Tour Blog! We’ll catch you this summer on our Los Angeles Tours.

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