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Long Weekend in Los Angeles – Fall Edition

Contrary to popular belief, it’s no longer May 7th. I don’t know WHERE the summer went, but all of a sudden it’s September. It’s pretty much going to be 2022 before we know it. We made it through the summer, we made it through (most of?) the heat, and now it’s time to snuggle into a big sweater, grab a cup of cocoa, and gaze out the window at the beautiful, ever-changing fall foliage in sunny southern Califor-

Wait a minute!! Fall in Los Angeles? It’s still going to be 80 degrees and sunny as ever through at least November! Fall in Los Angeles is the perfect time to come out to the west coast and spend a long weekend fall-ing in love with LA. (Sorry, not sorry for the pun.) Check out our blog post below for ideas for an LA getaway this fall, and drop us a line to plan your fall weekend in Los Angeles!

5 Things to Do in LA this Fall

1. Hike in Malibu

a view of a rocky mountain

Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

Nothing screams ~~~fall vibes~~~ like a beautiful panoramic beachy hike in Malibu! This star-studded enclave just outside of LA offers arguably the best beach views in the nation, five-star restaurants, and the most breathtaking hikes you’ll ever take. Just a short drive up the Pacific Highway from LA’s beaches, Malibu is a sweeping paradise of ocean and mountain vistas, allowing one to believe they’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city far, far behind. Unwind with us on an exclusive, VIP private Malibu hike. Instead of packing a big sweater, slather on some sunscreen and hike with us through an enchanted waterfall canyon. Instead of hot apple cider, pack an icy, cold water bottle, and surround yourself with the sea hundreds of feet above the ocean. Bikes and Hikes LA offers multiple custom private hike tours throughout Malibu and all of LA county- we want to make you feel like the star of your own iconic fall rom-com; with a little west coast flair! Book your Malibu Hike Tour here, and we’ll make sure to point you in the direction of the nearest pumpkin patch afterwards.

2. Take a Walking Tour of Downtown LA

Craving a “When Harry Met Sally” fall in the big city vibe? Allow us to transport you to LA movie magic with our exclusive private Downtown LA Walking Tour. East Coast transplants and architecture fanatics alike will adore this ode to LA’s magnificent urban architectural feats and the OG foundation of the City of Los Angeles. While LA tends to be known for its wide sprawling freeways and far flung neighborhoods, Downtown LA is a structural masterpiece, filled with skyscrapers, Art Deco behemoths, historic government buildings, and grand theatre marquees suggesting old Hollywood. It’s also home to countless art and cultural museums, decadent restaurants, high fashion, and the site of many films, television shows, and classic movie moments. Multiple murals and minute architectural details make this the perfect spot to wander. Take the LA Instagram photo of your dreams, stop by one of the many heralded restaurants and bookshops dotting downtown, and don’t forget to look up- you’ll discover many hidden architectural secrets on this walking tour. Book your Downtown LA Walking Tour here.

3. Visit the beautiful Griffith Observatory




There’s some sort of Instagram worthy twee quote about autumn leaves and Daylight Savings Time and the fleeting passage of time brought on by the change of seasons…I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to find that quote, and send it to me, since the next item on our fall LA bucket list needs no introduction. The Griffith Observatory. That’s it. That’s the tweet. The Griffith Observatory is arguably the most iconic place to visit in LA, boasting magnificent architecture, cinematic history, and some of the best views you’ll ever get of hundreds of miles of Los Angeles, from the valley to the beach. On our famous Griffith Observatory Hike Tour, you’ll be treated to an invigorating hike through famed Griffith Park, with a personal tour guide chock full of historical anecdotes, fun facts, and tips for your weekend in LA. The tour caps off with a guided insider tour through the Griffith Observatory, an up close and personal experience with the top-tier celestial exhibits in the world. This tour can be done either in the morning or at sunset, for a spectacular golden hour photo opportunity, and the purple twilight and crisp night breezes that surround you atop Mount Hollywood will truly make you feel autumnal. Book your Griffith Observatory Hike Tour here.

4. Take a Private E-Bike Tour of LA

The only thing better than imagining the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet and feeling crisp fall breezes on your face is experiencing it up close, personally, and outdoors. It’s no secret that at Bikes and Hikes LA, we vow to always get you out of your car and into the sunshine of Southern California, and we believe that Los Angeles- all 500 miles of it- is best experienced on a bike. The best kept secret for your long weekend in Los Angeles this fall is to book a private bike tour with Bikes and Hikes LA, and ride through the top neighborhoods in Los Angeles atop one of our premium electric bikes. We offer 3 daily biking tours through Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, and dozens of other private bike tours, depending on where you’re staying and what you’d like to see. As you bike, your local tour guide will regale you with neighborhood tidbits and point out the most famous locations in Los Angeles- and if you come this fall, you’re sure to see some spook-tacular Halloween decorations, too. Book your LA E-Bike Tour here.

5. Rent a Bike

And finally, for the grand finale of your fall LA weekend, see LA your own way- rent any of our bicycles at Bikes and Hikes LA or Bike Shop LA, our sister shop, and choose your own adventure. Pedal through West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, and pick up some fall treats from a Farmer’s Market. Ride through the rolling hills of Westlake, and hop aboard a haunted hayride. Bike out to Venice Beach or Santa Monica, and coast along the…coast. The road is yours! We offer daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals, and have a huge variety of different types and brands of bikes for you to rent. Bonus Tip: If you LOVE your fall weekend in LA as much as we know you will, and decide to just pack up and move here, Bike Shop LA also SELLS the best bikes to ride in LA- we’re happy to be your first new friends in your new home. Check out our available bikes and book your LA bike rental here.

We know that this autumn, when you come out and book your weekend with Bikes and Hikes LA, you will FALL in love with Los Angeles- and you’ll never want to “leaf.” (With that, I’m going to go for a hike, and pack up the fall puns with my summer swimsuits until 2022.) Safe travels.

Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash


Our Beverly Hills tour by bike is an intimate experience where you will pedal through one of the world’s most famous cities – Beverly Hills! Your guide will take you to see celebrity homes, iconic landmarks, and show you the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive! Sunshine, exercise, and celebrity sightings await you on the Beverly Hills tour! Daily 10:30am departure.