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A person posed on the edge of a cliff in Malibu

Mountains and Malibu and Memories, Oh My! 

Written by: Elizabeth Conway

A Sneak “Peak” at BHLA’s Custom VIP Luxury Getaways

I love you, America, but we’re terrible at taking vacations.

Just last year, in 2017, 52% of Americans had unused vacation time at years’ end, according to Project Time Off. While the stats have improved slightly over the last five years, that percentage equals 705 million unused vacation days.  Let that sink in for a sec. Hundreds of millions of days wasted, punching in and punching out, grinding at the 9-6, chained to your smartphone/desktop/web browser. Why are we letting these days go to waste, when we could be recharging, on days we’ve -literally- earned? As Elon Musk put it, “I’d like to dial it back 5% or 10% and try to have a vacation that’s not just e-mail with a view.”

Bikes and Hikes LA can help you, and we’re so excited to do so.

This year, how about putting that phone on airplane mode, locking away the iPad, and treating yourself to one of our new, private, luxury mountain getaways? We’re pumped to showcase our private mountain hiking experiences throughout some of the most gorgeous peaks in southern California. Take a trip with one of our expert guides up to the top of San Gorgonio, one of the tallest mountains in the region. With an elevation gain of 5,840 feet and a 17.3 mile trail, you’ll get some local bragging rights (not to mention a killer workout!), as it’s a rite of passage for hikers in the area. If a sense of profound accomplishment and incredible views after a vertical mile summit weren’t enough for you, we’ll do ya one better- BHLA is proud to offer a lux all-in-one summit experience, including airport pickup, hotel transfer to a nearby five-star resort, a guided tour by an expert, first-responder certified guide, a fantastic, healthy lunch (with incredible black coffee!), snacks galore, AND transport back to your hotel at the end of a fun-filled day. Oh, and the views from the 17.3 mile hike are decent, we’ve heard.

Malibu Canyon Hike

We get it– planning a vacation is stressful and time intensive. Let us take care of all the details. Bike sand Hikes LA will coordinate your transportation, logistics, and accommodation during your stay, so that your only “job” will be to enjoy yourself on your luxury Cali getaway. We’ll pull out all the stops- how about a multi-night stay in a world-class Malibu ranch? Or a picnic lunch featuring a spread of some of LA’s finest, local cuisine. And don’t worry about those pesky traffic patterns- we’ll take care of all of your transport, so you can put your feet up and relax– after a strenuous mountain summit, you’ll need it.

We’ve got you covered across the boards– all you have to do now is drop us a line, tell us your goals, and let us design a custom vacation experience for you that’s so much more than just an “email with a view.” Put up your out of office email, close your laptop, and come journey with us- you’ve earned it.