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Book this Elite Beverly Hills Tour – Here’s Why

Beverly Hills Biking

When you hear the phrase “Beverly Hills” – what comes to mind? Is it massive glamorous mansions and endless infinity pools? Is it sweeping palm trees and streets lined with beautiful people and literal dollar bills? Is it celebrities ducking in and out of paparazzi-laden restaurants? Is it exclusive parties and ritzy affairs worthy of an “Entourage”-esque fever dream? Is it just that infectious opening guitar riff of the Weezer song? Whatever “Beverly Hills” means to you, one thing’s for certain- it connotes a sense of intrigue, exclusivity, and above all, aspiration. As Weezer sings, “THAT’S where I want to be.” At Bikes and Hikes LA, we’re in the business of making YOUR LA aspirations and dreams come true, and we set out to design your best Beverly Hills fantasy on our Beverly Hills Tour. It’s a stunning, scenic adventure through LA’s most famous neighborhood- atop a premium electric bicycle. This LA tour is designed to have you feeling like a star, and looking pretty darn cool while you do it, too. In 3 hours, you’ll get up close and personal with the most famous places in Beverly Hills, take a gorgeous guided tours through the boulevards and (literal) hills of the neighborhood, and leave feeling less like a tourist and more like an A-Lister. Out for the season? Stuffy tour buses marketed to tourists. In for the season? Our Beverly Hills Bike Tour. You need to book this Los Angeles Tour for one simple reason: there’s nothing else like it. Read our Beverly Hills blog to find out why, and when you’re finished, be ready to book the adventure of a lifetime.


Reasons Why our Beverly Hills Tour is the Best

Photo by The Robb Report

1. The Celebrity Homes

We’ve all seen “Selling Sunset” and salivated over the prime real estate featured in the glassy houses on Netflix’s current reality show juggernaut. “I wish I could be there,” you thought, as you watched Christine unveil yet ANOTHER “midcentury modern” behemoth in the hills for a seven figure commission. While we can’t guarantee you a coveted spot at the Oppenheim group, we’re happy to make your dream a “reality” (sorry) and bring you right into the heart of the action on our Beverly Hills Bike Tour. This Los Angeles Tour features over 30 celebrity homes, past and present, and you’ll pedal down streets inhabited by your favorite Hollywood A-Listers. In a neighborhood where the median listing price for a house is a cool $5.6 million, our 3-hour tour is a BARGAIN for, well, a tiny FRACTION of a percentage of that (and no HOA fees, either.) Cruise down streets frequented by Hollywood icons and filled with movie star homes, and keep your eyes peeled; you may spot a celebrity or two in the neighborhood! In the real estate world, “location location location” is everything- and our Beverly Hills Bike Tour is RIGHT in the heart of the action.

Photo by Architectural Digest

a group of people walking on a city streetPhoto by Rahul Bhogal on Unsplash

2. The Luxury

A secret atelier enclave frequented by royalty and Barack Obama. A designer restaurant with a $300 salad.  A casual Bugatti (or two) parked on every corner. Welcome to paradise. Our Beverly Hills Tour is ELITE, taking you millimeters away from the most luxurious boutiques, blocks, and bejeweled houses of couture. This Beverly Hills tour features the world-famous Rodeo Drive, the most luxurious street in America. If names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Bijan, Chanel, Rolex, Tiffany, and Jimmy Choo mean anything to you, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll pedal past chic shops and even chic-er passersby, in some of the world’s most exclusive automobiles, clamoring for a parking spot amidst this prime real estate. You’ll spy A-Listers and stars-in-the-making appealing to the maitre d’s at such culinary hotspots as Spago, Avra, Nozawa, Lawry’s, and the Gucci restaurant (home of the aforementioned $300 salad,) and be ensconced by some of the world’s most well-dressed pedestrians. Surround yourself in luxury on our Beverly Hills Tour, and dress for the job you want- self-assured, Los Angeles local.

a car parked in front of a palm treePhoto by Kyrell on Unsplash

a car is lined up in front of a palm treePhoto by Ashlee Attebery on Unsplash

3. The Scenery

Spoiler alert: Beverly Hills- it’s beautiful! There’s no other neighborhood like it. Our celebrity tour features postcard worthy (and of course, Instagram worthy!) vistas, as you cruise through the palm tree lined streets of Beverly Hills. The iconic landscaping, gardens, and architecture are unique to this Hollywood hotspot, and will have you lusting after a piece of the pie. You’ll see the pink stucco and impossibly chic striped awnings of the world-famous Beverly Hills Hotel, and the gleaming gold of the Beverly Hills Sign. You’ll ride through the Los Angeles sunshine and gentle zephyrs, as there are no bad days in LA. Your expert local guide will take unlimited photos of you against this stunning backdrop, and make you feel like the movie star you are. Speaking of movies, you’ll literally be treading hallowed ground as we take you past and through multiple famous movie locations on this Los Angeles Tour. (More on that below.) This Hollywood Star Tour is not one to miss, and the best part of the Beverly Hills scenery? YOU, right in the heart of it.

a bus that is parked on the side of a roadPhoto by David Vives on Unsplash

4. The History

Another reason to take our Beverly Hills Tour? Back to discussions of aspiration; the history behind Beverly Hills features the ULTIMATE glow-up. Forget mansions, hotels, celebrities, shopping- just a little over a century ago, Beverly Hills (as we now know it) was nothing more than…a lima bean field. Truly. It’s the ultimate Hollywood success story. If Beverly Hills can rise from its humble beginnings to the posh paradise it is today, there’s NOTHING stopping you from achieving your dreams and living your best life. Our Beverly Hills Tour features all kinds of fascinating tales and tidbits surrounding the city, from sensational, salacious stories of scandal to amusing A-Lister anecdotes to share at your next dinner party. Best of all, your LA tour guide is an expert on all things Beverly Hills, from history, to trivia, to hotspots, and can’t wait to fill you in on all the gossip (past and present.)

Photo by Maria Kliepikova on Unsplash

5. The Celebrity

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Beverly Hills Tour if it didn’t pack a hefty dose of celebrity! As you ride through the city streets, keep your eyes and ears open for the famous residents of the neighborhood, and camera crews capturing the next Hollywood cinematic masterpiece. Your Beverly Hills Tour will take you courtside to famous LA filming locations from your faves, like “Pretty Woman,” “There Will Be Blood,” “Batman,” “X-Men,” “Richie Rich,” “Beverly Hills Cop,” “Clueless,” and of course, the aforementioned “Selling Sunset,” among many others! Your guide will regale you with movie trivia, and take you behind the scenes of your favorite big/small screen classics. No other Los Angeles Tour gives you such exclusive access to fame- and be aware, you may spot a celeb or two! Watch out for your favorite Academy Award Winner – or Real Housewife as you pedal through the stomping grounds of the rich and famous. And mind the paparazzi on this Beverly Hills Tour– no autographs, please!

a group of lawn chairs sitting on top of a buildingPhoto by Sophie Smith on Unsplash


Our Beverly Hills Tour doesn’t just obliterate the competition; It IS the main event. Book your Beverly Hills Tour today, and get a front row seat, all exclusive pass to the first day of YOUR journey to stardom. No other Los Angeles Tour gets you a breath away from stardom like our exclusive Beverly Hills Tour. For a real red-carpet upgrade, book a private Beverly Hills Tour, and treat yourself to a VIP experience worthy of magazine covers worldwide. Get ready for YOUR close up, Mr/Mx DeMille- you belong in Beverly Hills, and it sure looks great on you. See ya there, superstar.

a group of palm trees on the side of a buildingPhoto by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash