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Fun Things to Do With Kids in LA!

a person walking down a dirt road

Looking for fun things to do with your family and little ones in Los Angeles? You’ve come to the right place. Fortunately for you, this sprawling urban metropolis is packed with hundreds of kid-friendly activities that are fun for the whole family! In LA, whether you feel like checking out our beautiful beaches, hiking in the surrounding mountains, checking out a museum, or going for a family bike ride, there is tons of fun to be had all year round for all ages! Check out our top suggestions for things to do with kids in LA, and then schedule your LA family tour with Bikes and Hikes LA Tours!

Check out our favorite things to do with kids in Los Angeles!

  1. Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign
  2. A Beach Bike Ride
  3. The Griffith Observatory
  4. Biking Through Beverly Hills
  5. A Self-Guided Los Angeles Tour

Griffith Park and The Hollywood Sign

a group of people playing frisbee in the sand with Manitou Incline in the background

In addition to being the third largest urban park in the nation and right smack in the center of Los Angeles, Griffith Park is one of our favorite (not so hidden) gems for family fun when visiting Los Angeles. The park spans miles of hiking trails, sunny vistas, perfect photo opportunities, playgrounds, a zoo, and more! Griffith Park also is home to some of the best concerts in the world, housing the world famous Greek Theatre in its foothills; entertainers from all generations perform at the Greek Theater every year. Finally, Griffith Park is home to the most famous sign in the world- The Hollywood Sign!! The Hollywood Sign is nestled in the Hollywood Hills, in the heart of Griffith Park If you’re traveling to LA with kids, we highly recommend taking your family on one of our many kid and family friendly hiking tours in Griffith Park! Our Hollywood Sign Express Tour is an easy walk along a beautiful trail in the park, leading you and your family DIRECTLY below the Hollywood Sign! This easy walk is held first thing in the morning and lasts just 90 minutes, allowing you and your family to kick start your day with some sunshine and fresh air before setting off to explore the rest of the city! This walk is so easy- we recommend it for guests ages 6-96. You can book your Hollywood Sign Express Tour here!

A Beach Bike Ride

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

One of the many reasons that LA rocks is that we truly have it all out here; sunny skies, beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, and picture perfect weather, all year round. When planning a vacation with your family, particularly with younger children, the planning for the trip can feel like anything BUT a vacation. You’ve been juggling crazy schedules, multitasking, playing cruise ship director, and barely getting a minute to yourself. On top of all of that, you’ve got a crew of little ones to entertain outside of their comfort zone for several days; and we haven’t even talked about time for yourself! The best part about choosing LA when you come to visit is that we have elite weather all year round; there’s rarely a chance of anything (literally) raining on your parade when you come visit, making planning your family friendly trip a breeze. And speaking of breezes, our next favorite family friendly activity in LA is an easy breezy beach bike ride! We highly recommend taking your family for a beach bike ride through Venice and Santa Monica. The Marvin Braun Bike Trail stretches over 22 miles across the coast of Southern California, and is excellent for catching sun rays, people watching, and enjoying some life lasting family memories. You can bike or stroll along this beach bike path, all the while stopping at such popular Santa Monica or Venice locations as the Santa Monica Pier, the Venice Canals, or the Santa Monica Promenade. There are plenty of family friendly restaurants and cafés where you can stop and grab a bite, and believe the hype about the sunsets in Los Angeles- they’re every bit as extraordinary as you’ve heard they are. For the best family friendly beach bike experience, take our Santa Monica and Venice Beach Bike Tour, or our LA in a Day Bike Tour to get up close and personal with the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles!

The Griffith Observatory


For the amateur astronauts and future explorers (even the youngest explorers among us!) Los Angeles is home to one of the COOLEST family friendly museums in the world- The Griffith Observatory! You’ll probably recognize it from such famous films as “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Yes Man,” “Terminator,” or “La La Land,” but we locals love it as the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to fun things to do for the whole family! In addition to its gorgeous architecture and spectacular grounds, the Griffith Observatory is an incredible interactive science and astronomy museum. Among its countless jaw-dropping exhibits, it features a popular lunar telescope, a Tesla coil, actual moon rocks and meteorites, and more! The Observatory is a beautiful Los Angeles treasure for space lovers, visitors, and generally curious people- and the perfect family-friendly activity! The best way to take your kids to the Griffith Observatory is by booking our Griffith Observatory Hike, our spectacular Hollywood Hills Hike Tour that leads to – you guessed it- the Griffith Observatory! This guided hike tour features some of the best, most scenic trails in Los Angeles, coupled with the incredibly rich history of the park and its eclectic founder. Led by our passionate Los Angeles Tour Guides, this tour is excellent for kids looking to explore and get some fresh air and sunshine- and let’s not forget those awe-inspiring photo opportunities! Make your Griffith Observatory Tour extra special when you book a private hike tour with Bikes and Hikes LA; you and your family deserve to live like movie stars while you’re visiting Hollywood!

Biking through Beverly Hills

two people standing in venice beach in los angeles

Hear us out on this one; when you hear the phrase “Beverly Hills,” often what comes to mind is luxury, decadence, and extravagance; not exactly the most kid friendly of phrases! However, we’ll let you in on a little secret- some of the best BIKING in Los Angeles is through the gorgeous streets, gardens, and of course, titular hills of Beverly Hills! Beverly Hills is the most opulent neighborhood in the world, and one of our favorite places to show off on our Los Angeles Tours. You’ll recognize its A-List boutiques, restaurants, and real estates from television and movies, and you’ll want to buy yourself one of everything; and did we begin to mention the cars? MacLarens, Porsches, and Ferraris run wild in these streets! We KNOW you’re dying to visit Beverly Hills on your Los Angeles family vacation- here’s how to make it fun for the whole family: for a unique, fun filled day in LA and Beverly Hills, rent bikes from Bikes and Hikes LA and go exploring throughout this gorgeous neighborhood. Bikes and Hikes LA will equip you and your family with sleek, premium bikes and helmets, and you’ll be able to explore Beverly Hills – and the rest of LA – out of your car and in the sunshine. You’ll take in the celebrity mansions and manicured estates and enjoy family fun as you bike through the rolling hills and canyons of this famed enclave. Bikes and Hikes LA Tours offer daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals, and bikes for all ages, so choose the option that best suits your family vacation! Book your LA Bike Rentals here.

A Self-Guided Los Angeles Tour 

a group of people posing for a photo

Finally, our other favorite kid-friendly activity in LA is a self-guided tour of Los Angeles- by bike! While all of our local LA tour guides are so passionate about history and LOVE to share their endless knowledge of the city with all of our guests from all over the world, we know that kids have an ENDLESS supply of energy; and frequently, the need for speed! Rather than corralling the troops for a public tour, see LA your own way- on our one-of-a-kind, Self Guided Los Angeles Tours! These Los Angeles Tours take you and your family through the city on a fun-filled adventure, allowing you to experience our favorite Los Angeles sightseeing spots and learn about them without the pressure or timeframe of a guided group tour! Take all the time you need as you explore Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and more, all while riding on a premium bike from Bikes and Hikes LA! Our LA Tours offer fun for the whole family, and the self-guided tour is perfect for all ages.

Here’s how to book your Self-Guided Los Angeles Tour :

  • Select “Book 24-Hour Bike Rental.”
  • In book form, select your type of bike. (Hybrid, Electric, Mountain.)
  • Tick the checkbox for “Would you like to make this a Self-Guided Celebrity Bike Tour?”
  • You’re all set! We’ll send you a link to a digital map with points of interest, and provide safety equipment (helmet, bike lock & vest) for $20 per person.

Book here!

In conclusion- when you’re booking your family vacation to Los Angeles, there are plenty of fun, kid friendly activities for you and your family to do! Give Bikes and Hikes LA Tours a call today to begin designing your family trip to Los Angeles; we’re so happy to be a part of your cherished memories. We’ll see you and your crew in Los Angeles!


Written by: Elizabeth Conway – Los Angeles Tour Guide