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New! Influencers Allowed to Pay Triple for Popular Bike & Hike Tours!

New! Influencers Allowed to Pay Triple for Popular Bike and Hike Tours! Written by: Elizabeth Conway Calling all Influencers! Do you have an impressive social media following? Do your Instagram follower numbers rival that of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande? Are you looking to build your #brand this summer? Have we got news for you!…

Celebrity Tours

Beverly Hills Montage

Join us for Beverly Hills celebrity tours that deliver a more authentic experience. Los Angeles is world-famous for its celebrity culture, and star-spotting has been one of the city’s most popular activities since the birth of Hollywood. At Bikes and Hikes LA, we’ve created an exciting new way to see how the other half live….

Bike Tours of Hollywood

Ride a bike on the red carpet

Join our sightseeing experts for bike tours of Hollywood that deliver a unique perspective on Tinseltown. Ask just about any visitor to Los Angeles what they plan to see during their stay, and chances are Hollywood is high on their to-do list. Synonymous with America’s trend-setting entertainment industry, Hollywood is one of LA’s most storied…

5 Awesome Tours of LA You Can Do on Your Own

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The City of Angels, Tinseltown, City of Stars—you know that we’re talking about Los Angeles. It’s a magical place, and as the second largest city in the U.S., one of the most recognizable in the world, visiting LA should be on the top of your list. And because there are so many things to do…

Bike Tours of Los Angeles, California

Beverly Hills Sign

Hands down the best thing to do in Los Angeles is taking one of our bike tours of Los Angeles. We are the #1 Outdoor Activity company on Trip Advisor, please take the time to check out our page to see what our clients are saying about our bike tours of Los Angeles. Sightseeing in…