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Written by: Elizabeth ConwayColorful Mural

Happy New Year’s from Bikes and Hikes LA!

New Year’s Resolutions – love ’em or lose ’em? For many, the start of the year is a time of renewal, rebirth, recharging, etc. Let’s be honest- by the time we sweep away the last few strands of tinsel and confetti, clear up the empty bottles, and snuggle into our elastic waist pants, the LAST thing most people (this writer included) feels like is being productive. Au contraire- after the holidays, I need a BREAK from productivity and excitement! I’ll do some sit-ups, sign up for yoga, write that pilot, run that marathon…starting January 2nd…er, 3rd…maybe the week after…you know the drill. Before you know it, it’s March, that gym membership is sitting stagnant, that mountain unclimbed, email never sent…you get it. It’s no secret that for the most part, we fail at our New Year’s Resolutions as early as the first week of January. Why IS that?!

YogaI’ll tell you why. The reason we fail at New Year’s Resolutions is so simple – we don’t make measurable goals! It’s really easy to say “I’ll get in shape” or “I’ll write a pilot.” The real question is, though, HOW are you going to do either of those things? In order to SET goals, we have to DEFINE them. Malcolm Gladwell’s quantifiable “10,000 hours” to expertise theory holds true- if we set measurable goals, define our steps to achieving them, and set a clear plan for putting said goals into motion, we will actually be able to track our progress, and achieve our desired outcome. Set big goals- absolutely! All you need to accomplish them is a clear plan. As a wise man (my sixth grade math teacher*) once said, “If you fail to prepare…prepare to fail.” This year, let’s resolve to set MEASURABLE New Year’s Resolutions, with a plan of action laid out to tackle them. Even if you resolve to set no resolutions— just define how you’re going to do it in advance–and BAM, productivity! Didn’t that feel great?

Here are some of our team resolutions at Bikes and Hikes LA– perhaps you’ll join us for a few?

Watch the sun rise over LA

Climb a 1,625 foot Mountain

Spot a celebrity

  • Hop off the plane at LAX with your dream and a cardigan (cardigan optional, since we’re 75 and sunny all year ’round.)
  • Hop ON either our Hollywood Bike Adventure or our Celebrity Bike Tour
  • Cruise down Hollywood Boulevard – spot some LITERAL stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and maybe a celeb or two collecting theirs!
  • Bike through Beverly Hills and stop on Rodeo Drive – celebrities shop here, and so can you
  • Be cool! Celebs are #justlikeus , and you can probably snap a selfie together, if you’re nice

Feel the Need for Speed

  • This one’s quick – literally: upgrade to an ebike on any of our Los Angeles Tours for a faster ride. We get it! It’s 2019, you’ve got a lot to do!

Happy New Year to you, from all of us at BHLA – hope to see you on an LA Bike Tour in 2019!