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Tours are for TouristsADVENTURE like a Local at Bikes and Hikes LA,  where we make Los Angeles Sightseeing an Experience!

Written by: Elizabeth Conway

We’ve all seen the crowded, exhaust-fume-laden bus tours with a tired, monotone guide pointing out tourist traps in a less than enthused cadence…and of course, sidestepped the big groups wearing matching neon hats, shuffling behind a weary tour guide with their hand in the air, hoping to maintain a semblance of order in the group. This is your vacation, not your fifth grade field trip! At Bikes and Hikes LA, we strive to get you out in the sunshine to experience all Los Angeles has to offer. Skip the stuffy tours, and adventure through LA, on our numerous biking and hiking experiences!

Things to Do in LAPicture it- it’s your first day of vacation. You’re finally away from your cubicle, soaking up the 70 degree sunshine in LA…and you’re stuck in your rental car, behind a massive pileup on the 405. In a sprawling city of 4 million people, on average, Angelinos drive 40 million miles per DAY. That averages out to about 2.5 days per year stuck behind the wheel in traffic. Who needs that, when you could be hiking through the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, or cruising down the boardwalk on Venice Beach – on a hybrid or electric bike of your choosing? At Bikes and Hikes LA, we aim to get you OUT of your cars, and on to your feet! We pride ourselves on offering multiple dynamic outdoor adventures, as opposed to static, tedious tours. Hop on an electric bike, and cruise down from Santa Monica to Venice to Marina Del Rey. Or, strap on your hiking shoes, and come hike Mount Hollywood, where you’ll take in spectacular, 360 degree views of all 1300 square kilometers of LA County, behold the visage from Downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean, and…we heard there’s some famous sign in the Hollywood Hills? You’ll get a pretty fantastic view of that, too.

group hiking hollywood signWhen you hear “team building,” we’re sure a few corny rituals come to mind. Office retreats, “trust falls,” “ice breakers,” and maybe a dim, fluorescent-lit convention center. Gone are the days of tiresome, awkward games with your co-workers. Bikes and Hikes LA is here to make your next office retreat the adventure of a lifetime! Come pedal with us on a tasting tour of the South Bay Cities, where you can grab a bite, and bike along the beach. Break the ice with your quiet co-worker on a stand-up paddleboarding excursion, and take your team to task with a sand castle building competition. Skip the same old small talk, and hike with us through a sun-dappled Malibu Canyon. We promise to infuse your Monday water cooler talk with memories of your Los Angeles adventures for weeks to come.

So, when you’re daydreaming at your desk about your next getaway, think outside the box of dark museums, cramped buses, and miles of traffic on the freeway. Bikes and Hikes LA is ready to help you curate your next adventure– and we’ll skip the neon hats, too. Get out of your car, get onto a bike, strap on your shoes, and come for a hike.