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New Influencer Policy – Bikes and Hikes LA

Written by: Elizabeth Conway

Calling all Influencers! Do you have an impressive social media following? Do your Instagram follower numbers rival that of Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande? Are you looking to build your #brand this summer? Have we got news for you!

Bikes and Hikes LA is proud to unroll our latest policies and incentives for influencers looking to join us on our plethora of outdoor celebrity tours!

Effective immediately, any #influencer who asks Bikes and Hikes LA for a complimentary tour in exchange for a #mention will be showered with our latest Influencer benefit package, which includes all sorts of complimentary highlights (see below,) and the privileged *honor* of paying our *elite* *platinum* level Influencer Package rate — triple the cost of a regular tour price!

We’re so honored that you reached out to us about receiving a free tour. Really, you shouldn’t have! We’d certainly love a mention in your meticulously curated feed. We’ll be certain to roll out the red carpet for you, provide you with the most incredible LA tour of a lifetime, and curate an outdoor experience for you that will leave you armed and dangerous with insider knowledge of all of the LA hotspots. We’ll treat you like the VIP you are– all for the listed price of any of our regular daily tours; since we treat ALL of our guests like the celebrities they are. And since you asked so nicely (for a free tour!) we’ll charge ya triple.

In a city filled with Academy Award Winners, pop icons, film legends, and overnight sensations, the rise of the social media superstar is almost as hot as the July thermometer. Andy Warhol said “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes–” such is the life of the social media influencer, whose perfectly curated Instagrams effortlessly display breezy brunches with friends, minimally chic apartment decor, and dozens of casual poses by eye-popping Instagrammable LA walls. In this day and age, EVERYONE is an influencer– anyone who strategically builds out their brand, catches the eye of someone important, and builds a massive following can become a celebrity in their own right; by simply being themself. At Bikes and Hikes LA, we believe in treating *all* of our (thousands of guests) (from all over the world) like A-Listers, whether they have 5 followers or 50k. We weren’t kidding about rolling out the red carpet; it’s our standard practice.

Read further to find out the free benefits offered to influencers looking to book an LA tour.

Free Fresh Air and Endorphins

We’re happy to provide influencers with complimentary fresh air and endorphins when you book any of our LA tours. Our 6-hour LA in a Day bike tour is an excellent way to get out of your car, off of your phone, and experience over 32 miles of the City of Angels. Riding a bike is proven to be one of the top ways to boost your mood and improve mental health, according to Take any of our daily bike tours of Los Angeles, whether it be a guided bike tour of Hollywood, or a movie stars homes ride through Beverly Hills, and lift your spirits! We guarantee influencers a complimentary feeling of accomplishment and pride upon completing any of our daily LA bike tours.

Build your Fanbase with New Friends!

Every successful Instagram star knows that the way to soar to the top of the game is to collect hundreds of thousands of followers. How else can you check in with your fans, and appear relatable yet untouchable?! Don’t worry– we’re happy to help grow your fanbase. Join us on any of our hiking tours, where you’ll be surrounded by guests from all over the world, and led by an expert, local Los Angeles tour guide, ready to share countless historical anecdotes, fun facts, and tips and recommendations for you to enjoy on your trip to Los Angeles. We recommend joining our daily Hollywood Sign Hike tours in Griffith Park, where you’ll meet people from all walks of life, get in a 2.5 hour hike with spectacular views, and make some new friends in the process. Our LA tour guides also happen to rock at cell phone photography, and are psyched to get the Hollywood Sign Instagram of your dreams. Joining a group tour of LA is the perfect way to meet new friends, fans, and followers. Tag your hike photos @bikesandhikesla for the chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Complimentary Memories Forever

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but the memories are priceless. Bikes and Hikes LA are proud to offer influencers the deal of a lifetime: countless memories and highlights of your trip to LA! Whether you take a private hiking tour, an electric bike tour, or book one of our many other group activities with us, we guarantee an incredible outdoor adventure, iconic photos, and memories you’ll cherish until the end of time, completely free of charge!

Influencers, book your LA tour with us today to receive our *FREE INFLUENCER BENEFITS* listed above! We can’t wait to see you on a tour.

*note: Influencers requesting a free tour will be charged triple the listed price. Free endorphins, excellent guides, and complimentary memories always apply:)


Discover the best of Los Angeles in a day with the Bikes and Hikes LA bike tour. Spend 5 hours exploring iconic LA neighborhoods like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. Spend a day in LA soaking up the city’s vibrant culture and stunning sights. Daily 10am departures.