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5 Ways to Spend Spring Break 2021 in LA 

A Bikes and Hikes LA Original!


It’s a very exciting time – we have a glimmer of hope that these unprecedented times are slowly winding down. The weather’s heating up, our friends are getting vaccinated, and summer is just around the corner. Travel is finally picking up again, and there’s never been a better time to get outdoors and experience Los Angeles in an up close and personal way. For spring breakers, our outdoor LA tours are the best and safest way to travel in 2021. If you’re coming to LA for your spring break this year , read ahead in our travel blog to discover the 5 best things to do on your spring break in Los Angeles. We’ve got insider tips, excellent experiences, and are psyched to bring you the best vacation you’ve ever had. Hello, Spring! 



5 Best Things to do on Spring Break in LA – #SpringBreak2021

1.Take a bike tour of Los Angeles

It’s no secret here at Bikes and Hikes LA, we’re a big fan of ditching your car, canceling your tour bus reservation, and hopping on a bike to experience the city in an up close and personal way. We’d rather you experience our beautiful city with the breeze blowing through your hair and the pavement whizzing by beneath you than trapped in a stuffy box of glass and metal. Don’t even get us started on the LA traffic. You just landed at LAX- drop your bags at the hotel, and come on over to our brand new LA Bike Shop, where we’ll hook you up with the sweetest set of wheels you’ve ever ridden upon, and you’ll take off on our world famous LA in a Day Bike Tour. You’ll ride through 32 miles of our favorite places in Los Angeles.

Feel like saying what’s up to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Mansion? Done. Want to see how the other half lives in the hills of Beverly? You’re all set. How about breaking for lunch on the beach in Venice? We’ve got you. This incredible, full day city tour is packed full of insider LA history, tips from your expert local guides, far too many Instagram opportunities for you to get the best picture of your life, scenic views for the most epic TikTok you’ve ever created! 

2. Hike to the Hollywood Sign

four people hiking behind the hollywood sign

two girls in front of hollywood signyoung man standing under the hollywood sign

You read that right. Hike. To. The. Literal. Hollywood. Sign. Are you dreaming? No. Are you California Dreaming? You better be. Hop on our Hollywood Sign Hike on Day 2 of your Spring Break, and see the world’s most famous sign up close…like, we’re talking really, really, really close. Closer than any other tour company close. So close you could almost blow it a kiss! Definitely close enough to get the Hollywood Sign Instagram of your dreams.  We’ll take you on the world’s most photogenic hike. It’s also one of the most cinematic hikes you’ll take- those panoramic views are perfect for a TikTok! You’ll hike up behind the Hollywood Sign, and be surrounded by 360 degree, panoramic views of Los Angeles. You’ll see famous film studios, all of Hollywood, Griffith Park’s famous filming locations, and vistas extending all the way out to the ocean on this Hollywood Sign Hike Tour.

This is the perfect way to either kick off your morning, or wind down your day with a sunset hiking tour — and for an extra special outdoor experience upgrade to a private Hollywood Sign Hike to get the ultimate, exclusive Hollywood Sign Experience. 

3. Take an Electric Bike Tour of LA

a man wearing a bicycle helmet standing on a hill


We have the coolest rides in the game at Bikes and Hikes LA, and our e-bike fleet is no exception! All of our LA bike tours can be upgraded to a VIP electric bike tour, so you spend your spring break riding in style! We highly recommend booking an e-bike tour of Beverly Hills, and biking through the beautiful mansions, bountiful gardens, and bougie boutiques lining the world’s most luxurious neighborhood. Our movie star homes bike tour in Beverly Hills is the perfect LA spring break activity for both the film buffs and the pop culture fiends in your group. You’ll see over 30 celebrity homes and movie filming locations, and of course, stop to sightsee and hobnob with celebrities on Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive. We’ll make sure you get both the perfect Instagram with the Beverly Hills sign, AND a wonderful workout- the neighborhood is called Beverly HILLS for a reason!

Once you finish your electric bike tour of Beverly Hills, make sure you book yourself some R & R fit for a celeb in the surrounding neighborhood, and keep your camera handy- you’ll be sure to spot a star or two. 

4. Take a Hike…through the Hollywood Hills!

a view of a city at sunset

a rainbow in the hollywood hills

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag are calling, and they want their neighborhood back! You’ve seen them on MTV, you’ve seen them in so many movies, and you probably flew over them when you were flying into LA for spring break. We LOVE the Hollywood Hills at Bikes and Hikes LA. Hiking is in our blood in Los Angeles, and we’re so excited to share our favorite part of LA culture with you. Our popular Griffith Park Hike Experience takes you through the heart of Hollywood – Griffith Park! You’ll take an invigorating hike through the famous Griffith Park, home of the Greek Theater, the world famous Griffith Observatory, and views upon views upon views. You’ll get a great workout, hear all kind of made-for-the-movies Hollywood tales from your local guide, and get so many incredible Instagram pictures and Hollywood TikToks of the surrounding views. For a real VIP experience, you can book the Griffith Park Experience as a private hike tour, and enjoy a morning or sunset hike fit for a celebrity…and keep your eyes peeled, because you’ll see PLENTY of celebs hiking on this beautiful LA hiking trail.

Today is where your book begins…so book your Hollywood Hills Hike here.

5. See LA at your own Speed…Rent a Bike!

It’s been an action-packed spring break, and now it’s time for a relaxing final day before you wrap up your spring break and head home. For your last day of Spring Break, grab one of our sleek LA bike rentals and take a relaxing bike ride through the city. Maybe you want to bike through the beaches and stop for lunch beachside in Santa Monica. Perhaps you’d like to rent a mountain bike and take on the trails yourself, or do a guided group Malibu mountain bike tour.


Bikes and Hikes LA offers daily, weekly, and monthly bike rentals, and we’re so happy to hook you up with a rental bike for your Spring Break bonanza. It’s a safe way to visit Los Angeles, it’s eco-friendly, and let’s be honest….it’s a ton of fun to ride a bike through the City of Angels, and soak up the sunshine, breezes, and Angelinos around you. Ride off into the sunset on one of our LA bike rentals as the sun sets on your Spring Break.


For more tips about where to spend your spring break and summer vacation, check out the rest of our LA tour blog! Spend your Los Angeles vacation with Bikes and Hikes LA – we’re so excited to bring you the Hollywood Holiday of your dreams.


Our Beverly Hills tour by bike is an intimate experience where you will pedal through one of the world’s most famous cities – Beverly Hills! Your guide will take you to see celebrity homes, iconic landmarks, and show you the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive! Sunshine, exercise, and celebrity sightings await you on the Beverly Hills tour! Daily 10:30am departure.