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 May We Proudly Introduce…OUR BEST TOUR EVER

Meet The Hollywood Sign Tour. We think you’ll love it.

a woman standing in front of the hollywood sign with her back to the camera

Peace out, 2021. Hello 2022…and Hello, Hollywood Sign Tour!

Let us be the first to wish you a VERY happy 2022. We’re entering a new era, one filled with being okay with embracing the unknown and rolling with the changes. Change is inevitable, and we say – Bring it On, 2022! Speaking of changes, there are a few changes around here, and we are so excited to officially announce what we’ve been cooking up at Bikes and Hikes LA. We’d like to proudly announce our NEWEST LA TOUR : world, meet The Hollywood Sign Tour – our latest, greatest adventure. We’re pretty sure it’s our best LA sightseeing tour ever- and we cannot wait to have you experience it. It is truly the best tour in Los Angeles.

a group of people posing for a picture beneath the hollywood sign in los angeles

These folks are all psyched for the Hollywood Sign Tour, and you should be too!

What is the Hollywood Sign Tour?

The Hollywood Sign Tour is our new and improved top hike tour. If you’ve found yourself on this page, chances are you’re visiting LA and asking yourself “What is the best tour in LA?” Look no further, my friend. You’ve come to the one-stop shop for all of your Los Angeles tour cravings. We’ve designed an all-new walking Hollywood Sign tour to optimize your time and experience with the Hollywood Sign. For the past decade, we’ve been the inventors of the *Official Hollywood Sign Tour,* taking thousands of guests from all over the world in front of and behind the Hollywood Sign. As the times have evolved, so have we. We’ve worked diligently to reshape our LA tours due to popular demand, accessibility, photogenics, and most importantly, paying attention to what makes the best tours in LA. We’ve gotten it down to a science, and curated the literal best tour in LA – our new and improved Hollywood Sign Tour, a 1.5 hour walking tour, taking you to the best Hollywood Sign viewpoint and the best place to take photos with the Hollywood Sign. And we’ve made it easier than ever for you to book the top LA group tours. Read on below to find out more, and to book this and our Hollywood Sign Hike.


Why are we changing our Hollywood Sign Hike?

Why did we create the Hollywood Sign Tour? One word: you! We always want to give our Bikes and Hikes LA family the best LA City tours. We love to hike SO MUCH- in fact, it’s literally 50% of what we do (Bikes and HIKES LA. There’s a method to our madness!) That’s why we developed our ~iconic~ Hollywood Sign Hike two years ago. However, with times changing, and demand for our tours became more geared towards taking the best photos of the Hollywood Sign, we decided to curate the singular best Hollywood City tour. The top tour to the Hollywood Sign. The best Los Angeles Tour. One stop shop. Boom. Need to visit LA and see everything you need to see? Take our Hollywood Sign Tour.

a girl jumps in the air below the hollywood sign

What are the best LA tours?

Let’s face it- Los Angeles is HUGE! There are so many options to take Los Angeles tours when you’re visiting the city, and it can be a little intimidating to try and plan your dream LA vacation. Depending on what you and your group want to do, some of you may be real go-getters and want to conquer LA in a day…while the rest of you would prefer to just lay by the pool and soak up that famous California sun! For some, climbing up a mountain to do a Hollywood Sign hike may not be your cup of tea. Others hear the word “hike” and may feel a little intimidated or thwarted by the idea of scaling a literal mountain- we hear you! This East Coast transplant never hiked a day in her life before trucking out to LA, and if you’d told me a few years ago that I would spend nearly every day scaling a decent-sized mountain and sharing views and tidbits about Los Angeles with thousands of visitors from all over the world— well, I’d tell you it was a story fit for the screen! Often times, folks hear the word “hike” and picture some sort of Alex Honnold/Free Solo scenario where they will be hanging off of the side of a cliff, lugging a huge backpack, need some fancy, high-tech hiking shoes, and will be walking/climbing for days in the hot desert sun. Bikes and Hikes LA is here to flip that notion on its head- hiking in Los Angeles is akin to hailing a yellow cab in New York City- everyone does it, and often! We have some of the world’s greatest hiking trails in the heart of the city, in Griffith Park- the “Central Park” of Los Angeles. They’re easily accessible, scenic, relaxing, and of course, packed with world -famous sites. There’s no better way to experience these hiking trails head-on than with our Hollywood Sign tours. Everyone wants to see the Hollywood Sign when they visit Los Angeles, and we’ve spent many years perfecting our Hollywood Sign Hike. The finished product? THREE unforgettable Hollywood Sign Hike options. We have our famous Griffith Observatory Tour, the most invigorating of the three. You’ll take a 2.5 hour hike tour up to the iconic Griffith Park Observatory, LA’s most famous museum and movie filming location. Just over your shoulder, you’ll see the Hollywood Sign in the distance. This LA tour is the best for people who want to get a brisk, leisurely workout in while sightseeing in Los Angeles. Next up is our famous Hollywood Sign Hike, a 2.5 hour walking tour to – you guessed it – the Hollywood Sign! This is a hike tour for guests who want to experience the full shebang of the Hollywood Sign in the most up-close and personal way. On this LA tour, you’ll hike below and behind the Hollywood Sign, get some sun and some exercise, and hear all kinds of insider Hollywood History and gossip from your expert local tour guide! This tour is for guests who visit LA with the mindset of “It’s the Hollywood Sign or bust!” And finally, our latest and greatest tour- the Hollywood Sign Tour! This all-new LA tour merges photos, sunshine, sightseeing, and a leisurely walk. It’s an hour and a half. You walk from our meeting point to the Hollywood Sign, get the photos of your dreams, and walk back, with the rest of your day ahead of you. Boom! In launching this tour, we hope to make our experiences more inclusive- for the most experienced hikers and for those who have never hiked before. Walk with us, and let us show you the Hollywood Sign.

two people standing below the hollywood sign

Where can I go to take the best photo of the Hollywood Sign?

When you’re researching Hollywood tours, chances are you’re looking for the best picture you can get with the Hollywood Sign. We promise to offer you infinite, indescribable Instagram photos with the Hollywood Sign on all THREE of our LA tours- but spoiler alert, the BEST photos and best Hollywood Sign viewpoint are on -you guessed it- our Hollywood Sign Tour! Our LA tour guides are not only masterpiece storytellers and entertainers, (and occasionally you can spot them performing in multiple films and television series!) but also trained in taking EPIC Hollywood Sign photos. You’re guaranteed to leave the Hollywood Sign Tour with tons and tons of the best photos of you, your group, and the Hollywood Sign- we’ll make sure that you have photos at the Hollywood Sign viewpoint, photos of the Los Angeles skyline, and all of Los Angeles. We’ll give you bonus points if you tag us and follow us on Instagram @bikesandhikesla . Sorry for the shameless plug, but this is Hollywood, after all.

What are other Hollywood Tours I can take when I visit Los Angeles?

a group of people jumping in the air

We’re so glad you asked! Look no further- did you know that Bikes and Hikes LA also offers three daily biking tours of LA? You can take our LA in a Day Bike Tour, a full day LA tour on a bicycle. Looking to grab photos at the swankiest places in Los Angeles and perhaps spot a celebrity or two? How about you take our Beverly Hills Tour, on which you can bike through the most famous neighborhood in LA and the most star-studded shops, restaurants, and mansions. If you’re dying to know more about film history and Hollywood Haunts, take our Hollywood Tour, and bike through Tinseltown’s most storied studios, filming locations, and iconic Hollywood Hotspots. If none of those tantalizing options quite tickle your fancy, don’t worry- we’ll roll out the red carpet for you (this IS LA, remember, we love a VIP treatment!) and you can take a custom group tour or private LA tour. Any of our daily LA tours are fully customizable and may be transformed into a bespoke experience for you and that special someone, your office, your family reunion, or just YOU- on a solo tour, because you’re worth it. Give our team a Bikes and Hikes LA a call today and help us help you design the Los Angeles tour of your dreams. We’re so glad to have you. Welcome back, and welcome to Hollywood – treat yourself like the star you are on the Hollywood Sign Tour!

a man holding a kite while standing in the grass


Our Beverly Hills tour by bike is an intimate experience where you will pedal through one of the world’s most famous cities – Beverly Hills! Your guide will take you to see celebrity homes, iconic landmarks, and show you the glitz and glamour of Rodeo Drive! Sunshine, exercise, and celebrity sightings await you on the Beverly Hills tour! Daily 10:30am departure.