Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Are Bikes and Hikes LA tours for all levels of riders?
  • At Bikes and Hikes LA, we welcome all levels of riders from the novice bike rider to the cycling enthusiast. Also our tours are designed so that they cover a variety of different distances and time durations. There literally is a tour for everyone at Bikes and Hikes LA. As long as you are comfortable riding a bike you will enjoy our tours

  • Chevron down Is it safe to bike and hike in Los Angeles?
  • Yes. Our top priority at Bikes and Hikes LA is our guests’ safety. We have designed each of our tours to avoid major through fares and heavy car traffic as much as possible. On some occasions, you will be sharing the road with cars but we try to limit this as much as possible. In addition, prior to each tour we have a safety briefing with our guides to make sure you understand the not only traffic rules and regulations but also best practices when riding to follow throughout your tour. We also require that each guest that we take on our tour wears a safety helmet and a reflective safety vest.

  • Chevron down Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?
  • We highly recommend that you purchase your tour tickets in advance of your preferred tour date. By doing so, you are guaranteed a spot. We will always do our best to accommodate “walk-ins” however, you run the risk of the tour being sold out on the day you’d like to take it if you haven’t booked your tour in advance. You can buy the LA tour of your choice here.

  • Chevron down What’s the distance of the tours? How long do they take?
  • Here is a summary of what to expect in terms of mileage and duration in time for all of our biking and hiking tours. Please note: the timing should serve as an estimate; the amount of time spent on tour largely depends on the biking ability of your group.

    Tour Length in Miles/Km Duration
    LA in a Day Bike Tour 32 miles/ 51.5km 5-6 hours
    Celebrity Bike Tour 10 miles/ 16km 2.5-3 hours
    Hollywood Bike Tour 12 miles/ 19km 3 hours
    Hollywood Sign Hike 4 miles/ 6.4km 2.5-3 hours
  • Chevron down Will there be food and beverages served on the tour
  • Bikes and Hikes LA supplies water to each rider on our tour. The LA in a Day tour does include a stop for lunch at the beach. The tour price does not include lunch-the cost of lunch is something for which each guest is responsible. We have a special deal with a great restaurant at the beach which offers a high energy lunch—expect to spend about $10 on this option.

  • Chevron down Am I required to sign a waiver?
  • All of our guests are required to sign a waiver before they depart on the tour. If you have members of your party that are under 18, you will include them on your waiver and sign on their behalf.

  • Chevron down Are any of your tours in the evening or run after dark?
  • One of our tours, the Hollywood Hills Sunset Hike begins approximately an hour before sunset. As the tour progresses you will be hiking in the dusk, but don’t worry, we provide flashlights for you. Our bike tours are held during daylight hours.

  • Chevron down What happens if it rains or the weather is bad?
  • Should Bikes and Hikes LA need to cancel a tour due to inclement weather, we will contact you on the day of the tour. Our policy is to offer you the opportunity to reschedule your tour for a different day or to offer you a refund for the tour. When you book your tour, please be sure to include your cell phone number or a local number where we can reach you as well as an email address.

  • Chevron down Is there access to restrooms on your tour routes?
  • All of our bike tours include at least one stop that has restroom facilities. Many of our bike tours have multiple stops. Our Hollywood Hills Hike is a little different: there are restroom facilities at the beginning of the tour and then one approximately an hour and a half in so please plan accordingly.

  • Chevron down Can children take your tours?
  • Yes they can-however, keep in mind that our longest tour-LA in a Day-might prove challenging for younger guests but please note, we’ve had children as young as 8 complete the entire ride with no problems-it’s completely at the parent’s discretion in regards to what their child’s level of ability is. Other options that we have for kids include:

    Small Children and Infants: There are two options available. We have a trailer that will accommodate two small children–the maximum load for the trailer is 100 pounds. This is pulled behind an adult’s bike. The other option for infants is a child seat. This attached directly to a black mount on an adult’s bike and can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds.

    Young Children: 5 – 8

    Younger children who are familiar with biking but may need a boost could be accommodated by our Tag-Along. This is a one-wheel attachment with handlebars that attaches to the rear of an adult bike. With this option, a child can pedal independently of the adult in front–it’s not like a traditional tandem bike.

    Children 8 – 12

    We have a multi-speed bike with hand brakes that can accommodate small children who are experienced bikers. This has a total of seven gears and is very easy to operate. This bike is 24″ and is for children approximately 51-62″ tall. We’ve had larger 7 year-olds take our Movie Star Homes tour using this particular bike.

  • Chevron down Are there any special arrangements I can make for my children or family?
  • A very popular option for families traveling with children is to book a private tour. Your expert guide will be assigned to your group and you’ll find the experience a bit more personal and fun for the kids. When booking you will be provided an option to make it private.

  • Chevron down Can I rent a bike without going on a guided tour?
  • Yes, rentals are available by the day, the week or even for long-term arrangements-check with us and we’ll quote for an extended rental rate. We can also rent bikes by the hour. All of our bike rentals come with a lock and a safety helmet. Several different types of bikes are available: hybrid, mountain, road.

  • Chevron down I noticed, in the reservation form, that I have to provide a phone number. However, I’m not from the United States and I only have a foreign number. What should I do?
  • Not a problem, you can provide a foreign phone number and/or the name of the hotel you are staying at in LA.

  • Chevron down Where are we going to finish the tour? Can we finish at a different location?
  • All tours start and finish from the same spot. Unfortunately, we cannot finish the tour at a different location because you have to leave the bicycles at our premises. Our start location is 8250 Santa Monica Boulevard. West Hollywood, CA 90046.

  • Chevron down We know that we will like the tour and we want to do some biking after the tour. How can we arrange that?
  • Visit our Bike Rental page to reserve your bikes and explore LA on your own. You can also talk with your tour guide after the tour and he will take care of you.

  • Chevron down I just completed my reservation, should I print the confirmation and bring it with me on the day of the ride?
  • Our reservation system is completely integrated and we don’t require a print out of the confirmation. However, if you want to print it and bring it with you, please do so.

  • Chevron down We are a big group and we are curious if you offer group discounts?
  • Absolutely! If you have a group of more than 6 people, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will arrange it.

  • Chevron down What kind of bicycles we will ride on the tour?
  • All of our bikes are well-maintained and they are in excellent condition. For the tour, you will be riding a 21 speed high end hybrid road bike.

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