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LA Tours – Hollywood Bike Adventure!

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LA Tours - Hollywood

Always wanted to see Hollywood? All the spots where movies were filmed, where they were produced and all other famous hotspots? Then you MUST do one of our La Tours – Hollywood Bike Adventure.

Our Hollywood Bike Adventure is a 12-mile tour and it takes you throughout all of Hollywood. You will see it all, in just three hours! Bus tours may be cool, but you will mostly be stuck in traffic. It will take up your entire day and you will barely see all the interesting and famous spots in Hollywood. You can see and do so much more on a bike. While passing all the cars and tour busses, you will enjoy the nice Californian sun and work out at the same time!

LA Tours - Hollywood

The Hollywood Bike Adventure is one of our tours where you see so much your head will explode! Every second of the tour you will see something that you know from TV. You will probably also ride by unfamiliar things, but even those are really interesting! Our guides are experts in what they do and they can tell you all about the history of Hollywood, the present and even the future. They will take you passed multiple studios, like Paramount Studios for example. You will also bike through the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, where a lot of famous people are buried. And of course you will ride over Hollywood Boulevard where you can see the well-known Walk of Fame and you will stop in front of the Chinese Theatre. A lot of photo opportunities, so make sure the memory of your camera or phone is empty because it will be filled up completely after the tour.

Since our tour takes you throughout all of Hollywood in just three hours, you will have a lot of time left to grab lunch and explore all the other amazing places of Los Angeles.

There’s no doubt about it that you will have the time of your life on our amazing Hollywood Bike Adventure!