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How to Hike to the Hollywood Sign

To hike to the Hollywood sign via the Wisdom Tree involves strolling by a gauntlet of intimidating signs, some official, some handmade. “Warning hikers. You are in mountain lion country. Hike in groups and make noise so lions will not be surprised… Continue Reading Article

Bikes and Hikes LA was featured in The New York Times! Read more about how to take an LA Staycation on our LA in a Day Bike Tour!

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Spring comes early to Southern California, but it’s easy to miss while driving down Wilshire Boulevard in a climate-controlled car. That all changes on a bicycle, especially when you’re grinding up the hills of Bel Air – passing more blooming magnolias than you’d ever imagine could thrive in a semidesert… Continue Reading Article

I found the best jet lag cure in Los Angeles

After a 13 hour flight, nothing cures jet lag quite like saddling up for a 33 mile e-bikes ride through the City of Angels.

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‘Donnadorable’ goes on a hunt for celebrities in LA

Donna Farizan hit the streets of LA in search of celebrity sightings… Continue Reading Article

How to do West Hollywood like a Celebrity

West Hollywood is a haven for California’s A-List. Creative and diverse with that whiff of laid-back glamour it is the epitome of the Los Angeles lifestyle.

Here is our guide to some of WeHo’s most glittering haunts and the most fun ways to unwind… Continue Reading Article

“I promise it will be your favourite LA experience.” – Claudia Winkleman (The Times UK, host, Strictly Come Dancing.)

Strictly California: Claudia Winkleman takes a family holiday in LA and Santa Barbara

From Malibu to Melrose Avenue, the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire to the Rosewood Miramar Beach hotel, how to do the West Coast right…Continue Reading Article

How to have the ultimate foodie and adventure L.A. beach weekend

The Los Angeles beach vibe is contagious. Sure, downtown La La Land has long appealed to artists, actors and athletes as an epicenter of opportunity, but its beach cities have an appeal of their own…Continue Reading Article

LA Times

What would a perfect tour of L.A. in a day include? Danny Roman thinks he has it figured out, and it doesn’t involve maps of the stars’ homes or double-decker buses…Continue Reading Article

National Geographic

“I’m the poster child for a car-free L.A.!” our tour guide, Ryan Bartz, said as she led our motley crew through the coastal suburb of Santa Monica on rented bikes.

We were approaching the half-way point in our 32-mile L.A. in a Day tour…Continue Reading Article

Forbes Magazine

As winter seeps in, the mild year-round temperatures of Los Angeles make it the ideal city to explore by bike or foot — and yet the land of freeways still has some of the worst traffic in the country, second only to D.C., according to a recent study…Continue Reading Article

Travel Zoo

To blend your exercise with a bit of touristy fun, explore the outdoors with Bikes and Hikes LA, an outdoor tour company based in West Hollywood. Join their hike to…Continue Reading Article

WeHo Times

Westwind Recovery partnered with Bikes and Hikes LA to provide an outdoor experience for individuals recovering from addiction.

Bikes and Hikes LA offered free bike rentals, lunch and a 36-mile tour of LA County for a group of Westwind Recovery clients this past weekend as a way to give back to the recovering community.

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The Boston Globe

This outfitter proves Los Angeles isn’t only for cars. Offerings include LA in a Day, Legendary Homes, and Hollywood, which departs from the Hollywood Walk of Fame…Continue Reading Article

Budget Travel

When people think of visiting Los Angeles or New York, cycling down the Hollywood Hills or riding through Chelsea aren’t usually the first images that come to mind (exploring Venice and Santa Monica in a rental, or hailing a cab for some Soho shopping might be more like it)…Continue Reading Article


When my friend from Los Angeles suggests I attempt an all-day, 32-mile bike ride in Los Angeles, I think he’s joking. “Bike riding?” I laugh, “in LA? Land of crazy drivers and smog?” Hardly sounds like a healthy way to explore the city…Continue Reading Article

Lonely Planet

Los Angeles is a magical place, known for celebrity sightings, beaches and sunshine. But it is also known for traffic, smog and gridlock – and first-time visitors often comment that the town seems to have been built as much for the convenience of automobiles as for people…Continue Reading Article

USA Today

“Are you walking?” the parking attendant at the Culver Hotel asks, furrowing his brow in concern. “It’s going to take, like, 20 minutes.”

Cue the 1982 song Walking in L.A. and its refrain “Nobody walks in L.A.,”…Continue Reading Article


One of the Best Staycation Ideas for Couples? Bikes and Hikes LA

Bikes and Hikes LA offers what just might be the best way to explore LA — by bike and by foot. We were especially excited to join their LA in a Day Bike Tour, a six hour ride taking us from West Hollywood to Santa Monica and riding through many of LA’s most famous addresses in between such as Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Bel Air and more…Continue Reading Article

Visit WeHo

If you want to experience Los Angeles without spending most of your time in the car, a guided tour from Bikes and Hikes is the perfect solution. Get all the details from owner Danny Roman…Watch Video on YouTube

GQ Australia

Once upon a time, L.A. meant soulless bars full of agents in bad suits, lame food, and endless traffic. But the city is changing, and the neighbourhoods inside it are raising their game, one new venue at a time…Continue Reading Article

Forbes Magazine

If you find yourself on the West Coast often, you’ve probably checked off most of the top tourist spots in LA. On repeat trips, don’t rehash old itineraries, instead, get super local by discovering new neighborhoods…Continue Reading Article

The World’s Most Entertaining Tour Guide

“A reporter’s lot is not easy, making exciting stories out of plain, average, ordinary people like Robin and me.” These are the words of Batman, played by Adam West in the ’60s TV series. They come to mind in Griffith Park – high in the Hollywood Hills – as we discover the original bat cave. Our guide is Eric from Bikes and Hikes LA. Eric is quite the joker… Continue Reading Article

CBS Channel 8 San Diego

In a city where traffic is a nightmare, a company in West Hollywood has come with an eco-friendly way to see the sights of L.A.

It’s hard to imagine in a carmaggedon metropolis like Los Angeles, where gridlock is a given, that nobody has thought of this idea until now … Continue Reading Article

Luxury Rental Group

Exercise is a big key to healthy living, yet it is something we often forget to participate in while vacationing, leading to a few extra pounds “suddenly” appearing where we need them the least upon our return home! Some of us, however, realize that vacationing isn’t an excuse for not working out, and we find ways to incorporate some exercise into our vacation shenanigans. Los Angeles biking is a great way to do just that and enjoy some of Los Angeles’s outdoor activities! … Continue Reading Article

The Villa Sophia

For me, the best parts of Los Angeles are the beautiful residential neighborhoods that the average tourist would never discover. I personally take a walk or drive in one or another of my favorite neighborhoods every week. Usually up in the hills somewhere. With some of the best residential architecture and garden landscaping in the world, Los Angeles is truly a wonder… Continue Reading Article

Momentum Magazine

This tour is the ultimate Los Angeles experience. From Beverly Hills to the Sunset Strip, and the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica to the star-filled mansions of West Hollywood, this tour showcases the best of the City of Angels…Continue Reading Article

SoCal Pulse

We’ve rounded up 10 top Los Angeles tours, from the new to the updated classics, that explore parts of Los Angeles hidden from plain sight…Continue Reading Article

The Mercury News

From the air, Los Angeles only seems to sprawl forever. Within the endless urbanscape, you’ll find the neighborhoods, communities and districts that define the culture and life of a place…Continue Reading Article

Visit WeHo

“We’re starting a sightseeing revolution in West Hollywood by getting people out of their cars and on to our bikes.” So says Bike and Hikes LA, a guided tour company that offers biking and hiking tours of some of Los Angeles’ most popular attractions…Continue Reading Article

Travel Pulse

Whether it’s with the sun in the background or with your camera’s flash on, TravelPulse has five locations in Los Angeles that are ripe for Instagram posts sure to make your followers jealous…Continue Reading Article

Love Beverly Hills

Bikes and Hikes L.A. is the first full-service bike/hike tour company promoting an eco-friendly, healthy way to enjoy all the glory Los Angeles has to offer. Our tours are designed for everyone, from the avid cyclist/hiker to the occasional biker/hiker…Continue Reading Article

Discover Las Angeles

Full-service outdoor activities tour company promoting an eco-friendly, sustainable way to enjoy all the glory Los Angeles has to offer by bike, foot, sail boat, kayak, or paddle board. We offer adventures for everyone!…Continue Reading Article


Our tours are designed for everyone, from the avid cyclist/hiker to the occasional biker/hiker. Our expert local guides will give you a unique insider’s tour through diverse landscapes and culturally distinct neighborhoods, stopping at local hidden gems for an authentic and unique experience of Los Angeles…Continue Reading Article

Outlook India

A heady mix of heritage, entertainment, fine dining and funky attractions make Los Angeles a great vacation choice among the big American cities…Continue Reading Article

15 Best Walking Tours in the US

Whether you’re in the big city or out in the countryside, one of the best ways to get an up-close-and-personal look at your surroundings is on foot. Perhaps that’s why walking vacations and tours are so popular…Continue Reading Article

Dating Advice

The Short Version: Bikes And Hikes LA changes the way individuals, couples, and families see Los Angeles by allowing them to explore places where buses can’t go. The tours are perfect for an active date… Continue Reading Article

Top 10 Los Angeles Tours
Where LA

Los Angeles may be the capital of entertainment, but it’s also a city that thrives on sports, the arts and a multicultural food scene. Plus, it has a fascinating history backed by an ever-evolving skyline and swaying fan palms…Continue Reading Article