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Visit Los Angeles – How Best To Beat Jet Lag

If you’ve just arrived in Los Angeles or are planning a visit to LA soon, you will probably experience the dreaded symptoms of jet lag. Flying from Europe or Asia to the west coast of the United States is quite lengthy and signs of jet lag will likely show itself within the first few days upon arrival. It is a medical fact that travelling between different time zones gets our circadian rhythms out of sync with our bodies. Our natural rhythm or internal body clock is disrupted with long distance aircraft travel. Jet lag may last several days until one is fully adjusted to the new time zone with a approx recovery rate of one day per time zone crossed as a general guideline. Jet lag can make you tired, irritable, sluggish and a bit moody for the first couple days of your vacation.

Besides sleep, one of the best recommendations in beating or shortening the duration of jet lag is to simply being outdoors. Los Angeles is well known for year round beautiful weather so why not get some exercise as well basking in LA’s warm sunshine. Exercise is one of the best cures as it helps to speed up the synchronization of your circadian rhythm. Daylight is the most prevailing regulator for our internal biological clocks. Sunshine and bright light tell our bodies to wake up and be active.

Things to do in Los Angeles – LA in a Day


Los Angeles Bike Tour Group

Bikes and Hikes LA offers several fantastic outdoor activities, which are great alternatives to a typical sightseeing bus tour. Our most popular and signature tour is called LA in a Day (for a reason). This 32-mile, 6-hour excursion is “bucket list” worthy and leaves no sight unseen. You begin on legendary Route 66 in West Hollywood and bike through Beverly Hills & Bel-Air to see the incredible palaces the movie stars call home. Then you’re off to LA’s world famous beach towns: Santa Monica, Venice & Marina Del Rey. Afterwards, you’ll bike through Culver City for a bike-by of the historic movie studios that put the City of Angels on the map. With several breaks, including lunch on the beach and several walking tours along the way, there’s time to rest and truly enjoy the very best of Los Angeles.

Things to do in Los Angeles – Hollywood Hills Hike


Group Hike LA

Besides our signature LA in a Day biking tour, alternatively, we offer daily daytime and sunset hikes in the Hollywood Hills. Our guided hikes are fun, interactive and provide some amazing photo ops high above the city skyline. Breathtaking views of downtown, the Hollywood Sign and on a clear day, the ocean are simply amazing. Our hikes are perfect for anyone, especially as a family activity. We also offer bicycle rentals if you prefer to explore the city on your own.

There are so many really great things to do while visiting Los Angeles and no need to let symptoms of jet lag dampen your vacation. Book one of our tours on your first days in Los Angeles and we guarantee you will have a great time and start your vacation on the right foot. Sun + Exercise = Perfect start into your vacation! Hope to see you soon!