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December is the Friday of the calendar year; filled with anticipation, excitement, stress, and plans! Somehow or other, we’ve made it (nearly) to the end of 2022, and all of a sudden, the holidays are just around the corner. With the requisite Mariah Carey, Starbucks drinks, and office parties, the holidays bring a flurry of activities, and it can be exhausting just visualizing what December looks like! If you’re in charge of planning your office holiday festivities and are balking at the idea (see that scene in “Love Actually” when Alan Rickman bemoans planning his company party) Bikes and Hikes LA has got you covered with our unique slate of holiday team building activities in Los Angeles below. Treat your team to any of these team building extravaganzas!

Holiday Team Building Events Los Angeles

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera in front of a sand castle doing group team building in los angeles

Group Sand Castle Building

The weather outside may be frightful…literally anywhere else in the world except LA! Not to brag, but we’re gonna brag- the weather out here is DELIGHTFUL all year. Instead of cramming your team into a sweaty, generic restaurant or catering hall for some forced holiday merriment, treat yourself to an outdoor team building bonanza: our Group Sand Castle Sculpting Lesson! This incredibly unique group activity includes an exclusive group sand castle building lesson on the beach taught by a world-renowned sand castle sculpting expert! Bikes and Hikes LA will work with a member of your team to put together an unforgettable afternoon at a beach near your hotel. You’ll learn what it takes to sculpt a world-class sand castle, and then you’ll divide into two teams for a sweet sand castle sculpting competition! Our group sand castle sculpting lesson is consistently ranked #1 in Los Angeles team building activities, and is perfect for ANY time of year.

Book Group Sand Castle Sculpting Now!

a group of people building sand castles for an la team building activity

Bike, Hike, and Beach Party


Want to take your holiday team building outside, but unsure where to begin? Hoping to take your group on an outdoor team building outing, but torn between biking, hiking, or going to the beach? (Okay, a little bit of a stretch, but roll with us-) how about all THREE?! Our latest ultimate team building activity is an epic Bike, Hike, and Beach Party – three of our best team building activities rolled into one! We’ll take you and your group on a team building bike tour, followed by a hike by the beach, and wrapped up with a beach party for you and your team! Our expert LA tour guides will show you the natural beauty of the best beaches in Los Angeles, and this unique corporate team building event is an extraordinary opportunity to bond with your coworkers outside of the office. Our corporate event planning staff will organize a fun filled afternoon of beach games, tournaments, and festivities for your group. There’s a little something for everyone in our Bike, Hike, and Beach Party- book yours today!

Book Bike, Hike, and Beach Party Now!

Hollywood Sign Express Tour

a group of people playing a game of frisbee


Another fun team building idea for your corporate group outing is our Hollywood Sign Express Tour- a quick walk to and from the world’s most famous sign! This 90-minute Los Angeles walking tour takes you through the world-famous Griffith Park directly below the Hollywood Sign! It’s an easy, flat walking trail, surrounded by gorgeous LA scenery. Our LA hiking guides are filled with history, trivia, and recommendations for things to do in LA (and a lot of them also happen to be comedians, so you’re in for a laugh or two on your team building hike!) Our Hollywood Sign Express Hike is rated one of the best group activities in Los Angeles, and is able to be fully customized for your group’s timeframe and fitness goals. You’ll leave with a bunch of jaw-dropping Instagram photos guaranteed to make your followers beg their office manager/meeting planner to do something this cool for their holiday team building party next year.

Book the Hollywood Sign Express Tour Now!

Los Angeles Group Bike Tour

bike tour Santa Monica pier

If you’re looking for a truly epic group holiday team building outing, rather than tearing it up on the dance floor, grab a premium electric bike, and take our unique LA in a Day Bike Tour! This Los Angeles tour allows you a taste of a Day in LA- a 35 mile, encompassing, scenic bike tour featuring all of the best cities and neighborhoods in Los Angeles! This outdoor group tour is also fully socially distanced, and features up close an personal stops of the mansions, trendy neighborhoods, and beaches in Los Angeles- all in one unforgettable day! If you’re attending a conference, a convention, or a corporate group retreat in Los Angeles, this group team building tour is the perfect outdoor escape. Our LA bike tour guides are passionate about what they do, and can’t wait to share our favorite places in LA with you.

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Group Team Building Sound Bath and Guided Meditation

Photo by Cristina Cerda on Unsplash

Let’s face it; December is stressful! (In “The Sopranos,” Dr. Melfi quips about Christmas “I call it Stress-Mas.”) Holiday gatherings and festivities are so fun, and the spirit/season of giving no doubt fill your cup, one way or another- but such merriment can be exhausting. Let’s also be real for a moment; in addition to gatherings with families and friends, as well as shopping, travel, dinners, and year-end wrap-ups, sometimes the LAST thing you want to do is interface with your colleagues more than you have to. Rather than make idle chitchat with Rick from Accounting over some microwaved hors d’oeuvres at a holiday luncheon, spend time with your colleagues being absolutely silent; alone together, taking part in our healing, brand new GROUP TEAM BUILDING SOUND BATH. As our end of the year treat to all of you, Bikes and Hikes LA is proud to present our two latest new Los Angeles team building activities: our Group Team Building Sound Bath, AND our Team Building Sound Bath and Guided Group Meditation. Both of these team building activities are designed to relax, restore, and rejuvenate you and your group with a soothing sound bath. Our expert healer will guide your group through an ancient healing sound bath, with soothing sound patterns and waves washing over you and your group. We also offer this team building experience with a bonus guided meditation session! In this team building activity, you and your group will also experience a team building guided meditation exercise, lead by an expert guru. Both of these activities are fully customizable, and offer a corporate team building experience outside of a bar, happy hour, or holiday party. Treat your team to a relaxing and rejuvenating end of year experience with our two group sound bath sessions! You deserve it.

Book Group Team Building Sound Bath and Guided Meditation Now!


In conclusion, our outdoor group team building activities are a unique alternative to a traditional office holiday party, and the perfect year-end team building excursion for you and your group. Our mission at Bikes and Hikes LA is to get you and your team out of your cars (or cubicles) and into the sunshine, and our outdoor team building options allow you to do just that! Additionally, in the post-COVID frontier (whatever that means! We’re in year three of the pandemic, and just rolling with the changes,) all of our activities always have been, and continue to be socially distanced and entirely outdoors, allowing for fun, safe, and healthy holiday bonding opportunities. Now that conventions and conferences are back, and we’ve made it through another year of these unprecedented times, we could all use any opportunity to celebrate at the end of the year- and bond with our teams? Let Bikes and Hikes LA give you the gift of team building this holiday season with our unique outdoor group team building opportunities- and as the cherry on top, all of our team building options are available to be GIFTED as well! We have gift cards for all of our Los Angeles Group Tours, and all of our offerings are fully customizable.

Give Bikes and Hikes LA a call today, and get a jump start on your holiday team building before your December fills up! From all of us to all of you, we’d like to be the first to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

a row of palm trees next to a tree

Photo by Meg on Unsplash