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Written by: Elizabeth Conway

You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve seen it on your friends’ fridge magnets, maybe it was even the theme of your sweet sixteen; whether it’s your first time in LA, you’re a native, or you’re over it, all can agree that there’s no other Hollywood icon, top filming location, or attraction better than the Hollywood Sign. The Hollywood Sign is synonymous  with the film industry, with LA, with beauty standards, with movie making, and with success– there’s no question as to why the Hollywood Sign is one of the top hiking destinations in Los Angeles!

Bikes and Hikes LA is proud to announce the unrolling of our latest, hottest tour– a private, VIP group hike tour where the Hollywood Sign takes center stage. Get ready for your close-up as we take you to the best place in LA to get an Instagram picture of the Hollywood Sign, and then on a scenic path to an unforgettable view *behind* the sign, where 360 degree views of LA and infinite photo opps await you! We’ll even wine and dine you and your group, pampering you with waters and cocktails from our pop-up bar. The whole hike is a quick one (approximately 2 miles, and fully customizable depending on groups’ timeframe,) and we’ll have you off to whatever other fabulous activities await you for the rest of your time in LA. When will we see you in the hills?


Who can take the Hollywood Sign Hike Tour?

We offer this hiking tour to private groups; group size is customizable, depending on your group’s preferences.

How hard is it to hike to the Hollywood Sign?

This is a moderate to difficult hike, and can be completed in 1.5-2 hours. We recommend this tour for groups looking for a challenge. All guests should be in good physical shape to do this hike. We can also tailor it to your groups’ needs and goals!

What should I bring to hike to the Hollywood Sign?

Bring comfy clothes, closed-toe shoes, your camera, and your best LA Instagram influencer poses; we can’t emphasize enough how incredible the photo opportunities are on this hike tour. You’ll want to snap every second of it. You also never know who will be hiking along you; it’s a popular hiking route for Hollywood celebrities. Perhaps you’ll get discovered on your Hollywood Sign Tour!

When can I sign up?!

Right here and right now, obvi! We can’t wait to hike with you. Book your group VIP Hollywood Sign Hike today.


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