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Bike Rentals on the beach

There are many bus tour companies offering great tours through Los Angeles but they cannot give you what Bikes and Hikes LA offers. We offer tours where you can really experience Los Angeles and not just drive past it. You get to see the sights close up, be outdoors, active, and you will really experience and feel Los Angeles. Read on to get an insight in our daily biking tours you will never forget!

Santa Monica Venice Beach Group Bike Tour

LA in a Day Bike Adventure

Los Angeles is a great city with many cities worth visiting which makes it hard to decide on where to go while in Los Angeles. Regarding that decision Bikes and Hikes LA got you covered as we have a great variety of bike tours you can choose from ranging from single city to a tour of 8 cities of Los Angeles.

LA in a Day Bike Adventure

Our signature tour LA in a Day Bike Adventure will bring you to 8 different cities in 6 hours and will show you the best Los Angeles has to offer in just a day. You will start in West Hollywood on the historic route 66, then continue to Beverly Hills where you will see the mansions of the rich and famous  before heading to the beach towns Santa Monica and Venice Beach. After lunch at the beach you will make your way back to West Hollywood and bike through Culver City where you will see historic film studios. A day filled with fun, exercise and great sights!

Hollywood Bike Adventure LA

Hollywood Bike Adventure

Hollywood Bike Adventure

Our Hollywood Bike Tour will take you through Hollywood and you will see everything of Hollywood you can imagine. Walk of Fame, TLC Chinese Theatre, The Grove, Hollywood Forever Cemetary and many more! A tour through Hollywood is a must-do when visit Los Angeles. With our Hollywood Bike Tour you will see all the iconic sights in 3 hours!

Movie Star Homes Bike Tour

When you think of Los Angeles, glamour,  mansions and celebrities probably pop into your mind! Our Movie Star Homes Bike Tour brings you to exactly that part of Los Angeles where it can all be found – Beverly Hills. This tour will take your through the iconic ZIP code 90210 close up to the mansions of many celebrities! Don’t forget your camera – you never  know who you might see on that tour!

Skip the bus tour on your next visit to Los Angeles and hop on one of our unique bike tours of Los Angeles! You won’t regret it and no other tour will bring you that close up to all the sights!