Long Range Option: LA to the Bay Private Bike Tour

Group Tour Up The Coast From LA To San Francisco


The ride along the Pacific Coast Highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco features the most spectacular scenery of any Pacific Coast bike route. This winding and scenic road which rises high above the ocean has been seen many times in television shows, commercials, and movies. You’ll truly experience Southern California in all her grandeur. When you leave LA and enter Malibu, you’ll cycle past hundreds of trophy homes built into the hillsides and along the beaches. You’ll encounter fertile farms, vineyards, and areas with various degrees of development after passing through Santa Barbara, a gorgeous town and one that is easy to cycle through.

Along the Pacific Coast Route, you’ll get to see marine wildlife such as sea lions, and hear them barking as you pass by. Take the time to watch as one by one they dive off their rocks in search of their daily meal of fish in the ocean. We’ve designed the safest and most scenic route between California’s top two iconic cities. It’s important to understand the magnitude of the trip you’re about to embark on. You’ll be talking about it for the rest of your life and both physical and mental dexterity are required to complete the route safely and happily. You’ll want to train for the ride and understand that occasionally you’ll encounter heavy traffic along the coast, which require cautious and defensive cycling skills.

Your guide will ensure you have a positive experience by taking care of all the logistical concerns. They’ll map out each day’s route and take care of any squeaky chains and flat tires along the way, so all you have to do is focus on the road and enjoy the incredible weather and scenery from LA to the Bay.

No. Of Participants: 10 person min/ 250 person max

Length: 6-10 days /50-80+ miles per day based on guest(s) skill level

What is Provided

  • Expert CPR and First Aid Certified Tour Guide(s)
  • 21-Speed High-End Hybrid Road Bike (M/F)
  • Safety Equipment (Helmet & Vest)
  • Bicycle Staging
  • Water and Healthy Snacks
  • Guide Gratuity
  • Chaser vehicle

What to Bring

  • Comfortable shirt and shorts/pants
  • Jacket/Windbreaker or Sweatshirt (weather depending)
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Don’t Forget Your Camera!


The trip takes between 6 and 10 days depending on the skill of the riders and external conditions. The trip itself is approximately 500 miles. If the guests can ride 80+ miles a day then we’ll plan for 6 days; if they are more comfortable with 50 miles a day then we’ll plan a 10-day trip. A one-way trip is recommended with a train ride back to LA if guests are returning to LAX.


  • Bike rentals for duration of the trip
  • Food arrangements along route
  • Chaser Vehicle and driver: additional $496 per day

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