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things to do in los angeles, top 10 la

You’ve just booked your next well-deserved family vacation — you’re going to the city of glitz and glamor and a paradise of good weather: LA! Everyone in the family is excited, from your twelve-year-old son to your seventeen year-old daughter, and even your hardworking husband is ready for some time off. You, however, know you’re family. This excitement will only last so long, and before you know it the complaining of being bored will set in. So, you decided take some preemptive measures by looking up some things to do in Los Angeles that are suitable for the whole family. As the home of Hollywood, the City of Angeles might be famous for being the major center of the American entertainment industry, but there are many more interesting aspects to the city that are worth having a look at.

After a bit of research, we’ve come up with this perfect list of the top 10

Things To Do In Los Angeles

1. LA In A Day Bike Tour

Time to get active! You’ve heard that exercise is the best way to beat a jet lag and start feeling normal again after traveling to a new place. So what better way to start your trip than a light Los Angeles bike tour to see some of LA’s most iconic sights? From West Hollywood to 30+ celebrity homes, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and so much more, this tour has something for everyone in your family to enjoy! Your husband and son can flex their muscles for a picture at the famous Muscle Beach in Venice and you and your daughter get to relive your Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson dream while biking along Ballona Creek where the car race in the L.A. River culvert from the film Grease took place. Besides, it’s a great way to find places to revisit later on during your trip. Be sure to reserve a spot well ahead, because this tour is incredibly popular.

Los Angeles Bike Tour Group

2. Date Night With Cocktails At The Mondrian’s Skybar

You know the kids will probably be tired after travelling and doing the LA in a Day Bike Tour, but they’ll be thrilled when you tell them they can order room service and a movie while you and your husband go out for some alone time. After all, vacation should be relaxing. So after laying down the rules to the kids, you and your husband will both head off to Mondrian’s famous Skybar — an amazing rooftop bar — located right on the Sunset Strip for a delicious fresh cocktail. World-class DJ’s will be playing music and afterwards you could even jump in the pool if you like. A great bonus is that you get to watch the sunset over LA with one of the best views the city has to offer.

3. Universal Studios Hollywood

When travelling to the city that is internationally known for the entertainment and film industry, you cannot go without visiting one of the studios. You know your family is going to love this activity. Your son is a huge Jurassic Park fan, your daughter has been a Harry Potter fan since you can remember, your husband has always wanted to go on the famous studio tour to see where all the action happens, and you’re pretty thrilled about getting to experience the world of the Walking Dead for yourself. A trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is the perfect place to see all these things and more. Take a tour of the premises and don’t forget to visit the theme park too. You kids will enjoy themselves so much that they’ll be exhausted by the end of the day.

4. Hollywood Hills Hike Tour

You really want to keep your family active on this trip — just because it’s a vacation, that’s no reason not to stay healthy — so you’re excited about the Hollywood Hills Hike tour you found. Taking you close to the iconic Hollywood sign (where you can get an awesome family picture), the Griffith Park Observatory, Century City, Silver Lake and so much more. The tour guide on this tour will give you all the ins and outs about the history of Los Angeles and it only takes up about two and a half hours of your day. You will leave feeling both thrilled and satisfied. Best of all, you will get a spectacular view of Los Angeles from Downtown all the way to Venice. You can take that Instagram picture you probably came across when researching things to do in LA to make everyone back home jealous.


5. Dinner At Sunset Tower Hotel

Los Angeles offers some of the most dynamic dining experiences a destination can offer. As soon as you decide to have a lovely family dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood, you book a reservation. After all, it is one of the hottest places to eat dinner in LA! And it’s no wonder it’s so popular, combining the mystery and glamour of early Hollywood, with delicious food. Keep your eyes open, because this is a perfect spot to see A-list celebrities. You and your family will truly feel like stars yourselves.

6. Whale Watching

Very few locations in the world have year-round whale watching opportunities. You’ve always loved animals and so do the kids. To get a chance to see over half a dozen of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat up close will be the chance of a lifetime! Also, you know your family will enjoy a day on a boat in the ocean as well, while experiencing the natural beauty of the Pacific and soaking up that California sun. Your daughter will get that unique selfie she’s been looking to post, and your son and husband will get excited about all the other marine life they’ll get to see. Plus, it will be educational for everyone thanks to the knowledgeable captain and crew.

7. Hollywood Walk Of Fame

This is a no-brainer; everyone that comes to LA has to have seen the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s a must to do to walk along the 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street. With over 2,600 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars, your family will walk where all your favorite stars have walked before you. Stars like Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Cher and even Mickey Mouse, all have been honored with a star on the Walk of Fame. You’ll find your idols’ tributes and take pictures with them, while also experiencing a little bit of that Hollywood glamour. It’s one of the most popular places to go in Los Angeles and you can’t miss out on that. Make sure you check the website to see if there are any ceremonies taking place. These are free and you might be able to see a celebrity be honored with a star and get the chance for an autograph.

8. Venice Coffee Bar Intelligentsia

Most people can’t wake up in the morning without a good cup of coffee. With all these activities planned throughout the day you know you’re going to need an afternoon pick me up at some point too, but you want every moment of your vacation to count. So you decide to check out the famous Venice Coffee Bar Intelligentsia, famed for its great and delicious coffee. Located on Abbot Kinney Boulevard: The Coolest Block in America, you’ll really experience the trendy, laid back vibe of Venice. You also know Intelligentsia lets their employees make their own coffee creations to sell as well, and with any luck, you and your family will get to try the next big coffee trend before anyone else does! Afterwards, you can walk along Abbot Kinney Boulevard to find some one-of-kind local goods as well as internationally recognized brands in the shops.

9. The Farmers Market On 3rd And Fairfax

Since 1934 the Original Farmers Market has been a favorite place to visit among locals and tourists. It is a great place to head to after a leisurely morning stroll. Here, each person in your family will be able to choose from a huge variety of ready-made snacks and food! With over 100 restaurants and gourmet grocers, there will be something delicious to try for everyone. Definitely have a look at the amazing specialty foods as well. Plus, you’ll be able to do some serious shopping after to get all your trip souvenirs since it is right next to the famous Grove shopping district. Make sure you stop by Barnes & Noble to see if any celebrities are doing a book signing.

10. Catch A Movie At The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery should be on your things to do in LA list anyway, though watching a movie here is a one of a kind experience. This will be the perfect way to spend your last Saturday night in LA and relax with the whole family. It is rated one of the best things to do in Los Angeles by locals and tourists alike. Among some of the world’s greatest stars — and their headstones — like Johnny Ramone, Cecil B. DeMille, Jayne Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino and Douglas Fairbanks, you’ll finally be able get the whole family on board with going to see a movie together like you used to. Only this time it will be in one of the world’s most famous graveyards. Don’t forget to bring a blanket and some drinks and popcorn.

You did it! You’ve created the perfect holiday list for Los Angeles. You’re excited to take your family on this vacation and have some well-deserved fun in the sun. Because of course, the sunny weather is also part of the reason why you chose to visit Los Angeles. Now all you have to do is pack your suitcases and wait for the date of your trip to arrive. Don’t forget to pack a towel and plenty of sunscreen. You’ll probably want to relax on one of the beach a day or so as well to get that California tan. And maybe google a few more LA tours while you’re at it, just in case!