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things to do la

Imagine this: you’re in Los Angeles, starting the first day of your long awaited (and much needed), family vacation. You arrived with your family the previous night however, and while you all tried to get some sleep, this morning you’re still feeling kind of jet-lagged. You don’t want to miss out on anything though. So you begin brainstorming things to do in Los Angeles.

After about fifteen minutes of considering all kinds of different things, you and your family finally decide a great way to spend the day would be to do some relaxed Los Angeles sight seeing. So you Google “LA tours” and that’s when you discover


Self-guided (and therefore self-paced), this tour is going to take you through some truly scenic and iconic parts of LA, including, but not limited to, West Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe’s old apartment, Michael Jackson’s last house, Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills Sign and more! All you have to do is pick up your bikes at the designated meeting point, turn on the attached GPS-enabled device, and enjoy a leisurely ride, all the while being assured that all of LA’s highlights, hotspots and hidden gems are being pointed out to you (via that same GPS system). You won’t miss a thing.

Man on Bike Tour in Beverly Hills

Perfect for anyone who is looking for a fun and exciting Hollywood and Beverly Hills tour, as well as people who are excited to see some celebrities and even those who just want to have a more personal LA experience, this tour truly includes something for everyone in your family to love! Plus, it isn’t particularly strenuous when it comes to the fitness level it requires, so anyone should be able to participate, though it will get your blood flowing — which is great for you since a bit of exercise is a proven way to counteract jet lag, as well as a proven way to counteract all those extra vacation calories!

Just book your tour to start at whatever time of day works best for you. The tour itself will last about three hours, and you can stop in between destinations for a delicious lunch, some shopping, and of course plenty of selfies! Then, when you’re finished, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed, fulfilled and excited to share all your awesome pictures from the day with those back at home.