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Hollywood Bike Tour at Paramount Pictures

Los Angeles is chock full of tours—on tour buses, walking through backlots of Hollywood studios, even experiencing in LA in a totally different way and getting exercise at the same time on a bike tour And for those who want a more little more personal, less regimented more customized adventure—a Private LA Sightseeing Tour is a great way to go.

A Private Tour can be an individual, a group or even a corporation. The idea is it will be your own travel adventure without having to deal with crowds and stand in lines.

Private tours give you more flexibility—your start and end times are often your own, and you can even create and tweak your itinerary. You can customize a private tour according to your personal desires and the budget that works for you so you’ll have that LA sightseeing adventure you’ll never forget.

Here are 5 of the top Private LA Sightseeing Tours!

Private Sailing Tours on Pacific Ocean

1. B&H Sailing Spectacular Tour

It’s California Dreaming at its best: experiencing the majestic Pacific Ocean during a sailing cruise or regatta.

There’s plenty to see and experience when you set sail. Charter the vessel or vessels that best suit your group’s needs and size. The suggested spot to start your private sailing tour is the famed Marina Del Rey known for being the largest man-made marina in the U.S. and home to many TV shows. You’ll sail up the coast past Venice and Santa Monica. Your sightseeing might include a few seals and Dolphins. You can design your own dining options from a casual picnic to an elegant sit down multiple course meal. Your group can even choose a sailboat and charter multiple vessels for your very own “Company Cup” race back to port!

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What the Tourists Are Saying!

“Sailing on along the Pacific Coast doesn’t get much better than that! If that isn’t fantastic enough…and then we saw 3 dolphin as we sipped a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and nibbled French bread and cheese. It was our very own Private Los Angeles tour and one of the most memorable events of our lives. (I can still feel the boat swaying and the ocean breeze in my hair!) Thank you Bikes and Hikes!” – Noelle R.

Private Surfing Tours

2. Bikes and Hikes LA- SURF’S UP

Surfing GroupSurfing and Southern California go hand in hand. You can probably hum a few Beach Boys songs (California Girls) And, for all those who have fantasized about a surfing safari, here’s their golden opportunity.

Bikes and Hikes LA’s unique “Surf’s Up” adventure gives your private group the opportunity to catch the killer waves breaking on California’s majestic coast. Each “surfer” will be outfitted with a wetsuit, then a top notch surfer will give you expert instruction and a safety briefing on land. Now it’s time for your group to take their surfboards and and plunge into the Pacific for an unforgettable adventure.

What the Tourists Are Saying!

“Being from the Midwest, our group had never surfed before and now most of us are hooked! Our surf instructor was great and made us feel safe in the water as the waves came rolling in. The experience really bonded us. We’ll just have to come back to LA for more. Surf’s Up!” – Doug S.

Private Hollywood Studio Tours

3. Private Universal Experience

Mount Hollywood“Be Pampered Like a Star!” With this exclusive tour you’ll have a unique “VIP Experience” as you’ll be taken, by special trolley, behind the scenes at Universal Studios and Theme Park. You’ll travel by special trolley to see busy movie sets and giant sound stages where blockbuster movies and TV shows are filmed and are not open to the public. You’ll visit the Archive and Collections Department which preserves Universal’s historical props, documents, photos and costumes.

What the Tourists Are Saying!

“Felt like a true VIP experience…[VIP tour guide David] displayed wonderful depth of knowledge, interesting dialogue and pure professionalism throughout the tour.”  Robert Perdock

“I’m a repeat VIP Experience customer. I find myself coming back with a friend or family member who just must experience this amazing tour and each time lasting memories are created. From the moment you walk into the VIP Lounge area to when you meet up with your personal guide and finally after it concludes — there is so much detail in between I couldn’t list it all. You are taken care of and given access to a side of the back lot that really broadens your un-derstanding on how movies are made. For anyone on the fence on whether or not to do this- it is worth every penny!”Jared Aldape

Private Aerial Tours of LA

4. Helicopter Tour

helicopterIt’s LA like you’ve never experienced. You’ll board your own Private helicopter at sunset for stunning “aerial view” as you are “whisked” over posh Beverly Hills, the iconic Sunset Strip, and the majestic skyline of Downtown LA. You’ll zip past the famed Hollywood Sign and the gorgeous Walt Disney Concert Hall, iconic Dodger Stadium, Griffith Observatory, and the Holly-wood Bowl. Then get a sweeping view of the ocean as you fly over LA’s beautiful coastal areas of Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice Beach, and Marina Del Rey.

Trip Advisor says:

“Amazing tour of Southern California!” – Read more.

“This is by far the best way to see all of Southern California. It is incredible to see the sights and so comfortable in an air-conditioned helicopter seeing them.” – Read more.

Private Land Tours

5. Glitterati in SUV

Sunset LA SkylineOn these private tours, you’ll travel in the comfort of a luxury SUV with amenities not too different from your hotel room, as you glide through Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Malibu and Santa Monica, experiencing the hustling bustling LA landscape.

Trip Advisor says:

“Due to only having a small amount of time in LA decided to book the whirlwind tour. Todd was a wonderful guide tailoring the tour to fit in with what we wanted to see without repeating what we’d already seen. Loved all the snippets of information that Todd had and his iPad pictures gave us another dimension. He was super friendly and very easy to spend a couple of hours with. Totally recommend.” – Read more

You’ll sip refreshments and nibble on delectable bites as you glance out the window and get the lay of the land we’re. To round out your special, private LA sightseeing tour you’ll enjoy a multi-media iPad video presentation of landmarks, famous homes, and filming sites. We’re also family friendly—boosters, baby seats and a rear DVD player with private headsets for the kids are available on request. Our free WiFi is available for our guests in every vehicle.

Of course, LA is known for Hollywood, dating all the way back to the magical time of the Golden Age. One of Glitterati’s favorite private tours is Tour #8—The Golden Age – Remembering Classic Hollywood. We show you the Old Hollywood highlights of yesteryear and stars of the day like Monroe, Fairbanks, Pickford, Garland and Charlie Chaplin.

So, whether it’s soaring over LA sightseeing in a helicopter, standing on the top of a mountain taking in the sweeping city views, being a star for a day or cruising through the city streets in the comfort of

cushy SUV, whatever your LA adventure wish is, a private tour can be a perfect travel experience.

If you’re planning your Los Angeles vacation with your group, company employees or you’re going solo, contact us at and one of our seasoned LA tour guides will be happy to take you on your private adventure!