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Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles is known for being spread out which can be a challenge for the tourist. But head west—as far as you can go—to Santa Monica— and you’ll have a completely different experience. Away from the sprawling inland cities, you’ll feel the cool ocean breeze, hear the waves crashing on the beach with the golden California sun shining down, giving this magical west side city its very own vibe. And to enhance your Santa Monica Private Tour adventure, there are some great ocean and beach tours to give you the full Southern California experience. You can bike along the beach, race a boat up the coast, spend the day on the sand, paddle around the ocean, stroll along the Third Street Promenade or discover the hidden gems of quaint Santa Monica neighborhoods. The Southern California coast has an adventure for everyone.

Biking Along The Coast

Biking along the beach in LA1. SANTA MONICA & VENICE BIKE ADVENTURE Get out of your car and experience the magic of Southern California’s beaches on this bike adventure. You’ll bike along the coast’s miles of winding paths through the sand as you cruise by endless landmarks and highlights like the Santa Monica Boardwalk, the Third Street Promenade, filming locations for famous Hollywood movies, the original Muscle Beach and much more. This adventure along the ocean is rounded out by cycling inland off the beaten path to discover the hidden treasures that Santa Monica and Venice have to offer.

And before you get on a bike it’s important to be prepared.

Beach Excursions

Aerial View Ocean LA2. BEACH DAY EXTRAVAGANZA You can create your very own beach day, Southern California style, for an unforgettable Pacific Ocean experience. And, you’re not limited to a beach or two— there are hundreds of beaches to choose from like Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach and Malibu. After you choose the beach, your beach day can include everything from food & drink, music, even butler service and beach games. For those who want a little more activity, you can grab a boogie board and jump in the water and catch a few waves.

Boating Tours

Kayaking in Palos Verdes Peninsula3. KAYAKING Kayaking tours are a unique way to get an up close and personal ocean experience. These one or two person Kayaks give you the chance to go where the big boats can’t like the inlets and coves, but you can also paddle on the high seas of the Pacific.

Just south of Santa Monica you can kayak along the Palos Verdes Peninsula where you’ll see the fascinating kelp beds (an endless eco-system often referred to as an underwater rain forest) then take some time to relax, catch the sun’s rays, and watch the marvelous ocean resurgence. There is also a quick 5-minute access to the open ocean where you may see porpoise and whales who are known to be frequent visitors. You’ll also likely see sea lions and other aquatic life who make their home within the perimeters of the harbor.

Your group will be equipped with a kayak and given a briefing on boating safety rules by seasoned guides and then you’re off on your boating adventure.

Speed Boat Racing in Marina Del Ray4. SPEED BOAT RACE It’s a boating tour like you’ve never experienced. Your group Speed Boat Race Tour will start on one of the many Southern California harbors like Marina Del Ray (just a few minutes from Santa Monica). But instead of a leisurely sail, it’s full speed ahead on the open seas. When you get to the starting point at your harbor of choice, you’ll be put into smaller teams and assigned a sea going vessel. (For extra energy so you’ll win the race, you’ll be supplied with snacks and beverages)

Then, the boats will get into position and it’s “ready, set, go,” The ocean race if off on the high seas of the Pacific Ocean. The group that finishes first will get an award!

Walking Tours

Santa Monica Pier5. SANTA MONICA WALKING TOUR Santa Monica—the quintessential gorgeous Southern California beach town— with its promenade, ocean waves crashing on the beach, the many curving walking & biking baths in the sand, beach volleyball players hitting the ball over the net and skateboarders zipping by. It all makes for the perfect place to stroll along this coastal paradise.

On your walking adventure you’ll see historic landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier and cultural highlights like the Santa Monica Boardwalk and the Ocean Park Amusement Pier, the Original Muscle Beach, filming locations of famous Hollywood movie scenes and much more. All with a constant backdrop of the majestic Pacific Ocean—the beach lifestyle at its finest. Your walking tour is then rounded out by getting off the beaten path and into the hidden treasures Santa Monica.

If you want to experience the best of Southern California ocean and coastal adventures, check out these Santa Monica tours.