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two people taking a hollywood sign tour in los angeles in front of the hollywood sign

The headlines approaching the holiday weekend and the rest of Summer 2022 are nuts. Canceled flights left and right. Travelers being stranded at airports for hours or days on end. Passengers have to re-book their ENTIRE vacation, and airlines have announced thousands of flight delays and straight up cutting flights from the itinerary. To top it all off, prices are SOARING (no pun intended,) airlines are losing bags, and traveling has become an all around unpleasant experience. Luckily, at Bikes and Hikes LA Tours, we’ve got you covered. Flight cancelled? Trip delayed? Stuck in LA (or worse, LAX!) for a day, all dressed up with nowhere to go? Here are 5 LA tours you can take while you’re figuring out your travel plans. We guarantee it’s more fun than being stranded at the airport.

5 LA Tours to Take if your Flight is Delayed

Hollywood Sign Express Tour

a person riding a skateboard up the side of a hill

First and foremost. Delayed flight? Leave your bags at LAX (or at our West Hollywood Bike Shop!) and take a quick Hollywood Sign Tour with us! Our brand new Hollywood Sign Express Tour is the perfect way to experience the Hollywood Sign in an up close and personal way, and kill 90 minutes while you’re at it! This LA tour is a brisk, easy walk, taking you directly below the world’s most famous sign. You’ll get sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and a chance to stretch your legs, as opposed to being crammed into an uncomfortable airport chair sandwiched between crying babies and someone talking loudly on their cell phone. Our Hollywood Sign Tour features Los Angeles history, fun facts, incredible views, and unlimited Instagram photos of you and the Hollywood Sign. It absolutely beats the grim interiors of LAX, and clocking in at exactly 90 minutes is the perfect way to spend your delay or layover while you visit Los Angeles. Book your Hollywood Sign Express Tour here!

Beverly Hills Bike Tour

Rather than spinning your wheels waiting at the airport, spin your wheels on our legendary Beverly Hills Tour. This 2.5 hour bike tour is an excellent way to see one of Los Angeles’ most famous neighborhoods and the movie star homes you’ve heard so much about! Drop your bags at Bikes and Hikes LA, hop on one of our premium ebikes, and bike through the swanky homes and estates of Beverly Hills. You’ll see the luxurious celebrity homes and posh boutiques of Rodeo Drive, and pedal past multiple famous filming locations for movies such as “Pretty Woman,” “Clueless,” “X-Men,” and more! This is an excellent Los Angeles tour for guests looking to stretch their legs and get their blood pumping during a layover, break a sweat, work up an appetite, and do some LA sightseeing. You may even spot a celebrity or two on our Los Angeles sightseeing tour! Book your Beverly Hills Tour here.

Private Griffith Observatory Hike

a group of people posing for the camera

Travel delays are just the worst. There’s nothing like feeling trapped at the airport, at the mercy of ever-changing flight schedules, sleeping on the floor, and scrounging for a phone charger. Let us help you take a load off, and treat yourself to a VIP experience. Book our private Griffith Observatory Hike Tour, leave your phone in your pocket, disconnect from travel chaos, and connect with nature. This Hollywood Hills Hike Tour has everything – beautiful, idyllic hiking trails, epic views of Los Angeles, stunning scenery, and an insider, intimate tour of the world-famous Griffith Observatory, one of LA’s top filming locations. This 3-hour hike tour can be made private for an exclusive, VIP LA Tour experience- perfect to catch a sunset before your redeye home, or to make the most of a sunny day delay. Book your Private Griffith Observatory Hike here!

Hollywood Sign Hike


You’re in LA for a day- maybe just a few hours. You need to see the Hollywood Sign. Could we be any more blunt? If you didn’t get a chance to get up close and personal with the Hollywood Sign on your visit to LA, book our Hollywood Sign Hike and get to the CLOSEST HOLLYWOOD SIGN VIEWPOINT. We will take you closer than ANY other company in LA, and you’ll leave with an armful of Instagram photos with you and the Hollywood Sign guaranteed to make your followers (or perhaps, fellow travelers who decided to stick around at the airport for yet ANOTHER hour of delays and lost baggage,) very, very jealous. You’ll take an invigorating hike tour through Griffith Park and go directly behind the Hollywood Sign, while your Los Angeles tour guide shares jaw dropping tales of the dramatic history of the Hollywood Sign and surrounding areas. You’ll be surrounded by 360 LA views and sunny skies, allowing you to clear your mind before getting back on the road. Book your Hollywood Sign Hike here.

LA in a Day

a person throwing their hands in the air by the santa monica pier on a los angeles bike tour

And finally– for a delay/cancellation longer than a few hours, chase your cares away and take our famous LA in a Day Bike Tour- an all-day, all-encompassing, legendary bike tour. You’ll ride 32 miles throughout Los Angeles’ most famous neighborhoods and cities, see massive celebrity homes, soak up the sun and surf as you bike along the beach, and get the BEST guided LA Tour you could possibly imagine. Our LA tour guides are all extremely passionate about sharing LA sights and history with you, and giving you recommendations for the best places to go and things to do in LA. This is a Los Angeles tour you will not want to miss- and rather than spending your layover or delay sitting at the airport, refreshing Instagram for the billionth time, why don’t you put your phone in one of our bike bags, saddle up, and hit the road for an unforgettable bike tour? Book your Los Angeles Tour by Bike here – we promise that it will be the BEST cancelled flight you ever had.

Book any of our LA tours here, whether you’re delayed, cancelled, on a layover, or simply in town for a good time, not a long time. We love sharing Los Angeles with you, and we’re happy to always be a highlight of your Los Angeles vacation- intentionally, accidentally, and always enthusiastically. We’ll see you on our LA tours this summer- good luck, and safe travels!