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bike rental los angeles

Most of us remember learning to ride a bike when we were kids, falling and scraping our knees, trying over and over again to get the balance right. But what we remember most of all is that glorious feeling when our parents let go and we just kept going! Never falling, and feeling like we could ride off on a cloud of success into the sunset.

Then however, we got older and we forgot about the triumphant and peaceful feelings bike riding could bring us. We got busy and may never even have bothered to get an adult bike after we outgrew our childhood one.

Or, maybe you never forgot this feeling, maybe you’ve been riding your bike every day for years, enjoying that feeling of freedom, and now your beloved bike is worn out and you are in desperate need of a new one.

Either way, you’ve decided you’d like to buy a new bike, so you visit a bunch of different shops all over Los Angeles that advertise used bikes for sale, and find to your dismay, all the really great bikes are just too expensive to fit your budget. What are you going to do?

You’re going to come to Bike Shop LA. Why? We are offering an amazing sale on a gently-used bike that will get you out there experiencing life to the fullest in no time!

Check it out: the Giant Liv!

Featuring 21 different speeds, this bike includes a kickstand, a water bottle cage and quick releases on the tires and seat. Plus, in getting this bike from Bike Shop LA, you’re going to receive FREE basic tune-ups for as long as as the bike’s life lasts! This means you are getting a great bike that is going to last you for years to come!

So what is this gong to cost you?

If you were to purchase this fabulous bike new, it would ring in at $395 — a price that might be just a bit too high if you’re shopping on a budget. However, because of our used bike sale, you’re going to get your very own Giant Liv for only $195. That’s a total savings of $200!

Clearly this is the deal you’ve been waiting for. Finally, you’ll be able to bike to work, get in a little extra exercise and avoid that Los Angeles traffic. You’ll be able to ride around town when you’re looking for things to do in LA on you’re weekend off. You’ll be able to go for a spin whenever you’ve had a stressful day. In essence, you will no longer be limited by your lack of owning a bike for yourself.


Open seven days a week from 8am – 5pm, Bike Shop LA is going to help you achieve your biking dreams! Swing by anytime to test ride the Giant Liv (or any of our other awesome gently-used bikes for sale), for yourself. We are located at 8250 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite B, Los Angeles, CA, 90046. Or, give us a call at 323-515-0070 and will be happy to answer any other questions you might have.