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whale watching in la

You’ve probably been on a few great vacations in your life. Maybe you went to the Rocky Mountains for a great winter get away and skied some unforgettable slopes. Maybe you took a trip to NYC to see the Big Apple in person and ended up seeing the iconic view from the top of the Empire State Building. But have you ever visited Los Angeles and gone whale watching? If you haven’t you’re missing out! Actually allowing you to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most mysterious and beautiful creatures, whale watching in LA can be an incredible experience you’ll remember forever.

That said, booking your whale watching experience on a private charter with Los Angeles-based Bikes and Hikes LA
Whale Watching Private Charter Flyer
. Whale-watching is just one of many private, group tours offered by Bikes and Hikes LA in the Southern California area.

You can also look at our Luxury Charter Boat Photos to see exactly what kind of VIP accommodations we provide for our private groups.

Whale jumping out of the water

Offering those who choose to embark on their own whale watching adventure, this private VIP tour on a luxury charter yacht is easily one of, if not the, finest around.

How Great Is Whale Watching in LA ?

Setting sail for a three to four hour cruise, (depending on your preference), you will enjoy personalized attention full of luxurious splendor from start to finish. From the captain and crew, a first mate docent, on board stewards, charcuterie platter, water, juices and soda, to the wine and beer, USB enabled stereo system, satellite TV and of course Wi-Fi, you as a guest will experience the height of luxury and relaxation while onboard. Plus, if you really want to make the experience your own, Bikes and Hikes LA offers a number of additional amenities you are able to add to your private tour, such as luxury transportation services, upgraded catering and/or beverages while on board, wine tastings with a professional sommelier, a top chef, guest souvenirs and more!

Setting all of these amazing amenities aside however, there is also what you are actually going to get to see. Viewing over half a dozen whales or more per trip, you will get to experience the gray whale migration for yourself (during winter and spring months), or see majestic blue and finback whales (during the summer and fall months) up close! Additionally, the chances of you getting a glimpse of a minke, humpback and even killer whale are pretty good! And of course you will also see all kinds of additional marine life, including several species of dolphin, sea lions, seals, etc.

It’s always Whale Watching Season in Los Angeles. Perfect for anyone who is looking for that “something extra special” on their next vacation, the Bikes and Hikes LA Private Charter Whale Watching VIP Experience is the best and most relaxing way to see these majestic creatures for yourself.

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