Fun Run – 5K

Quick Details

  • Length: Custom

What is Provided

  • Event Staffing
  • Registration/Bibs for Runners
  • Start/Finish Line
  • Time Clock
  • Water Stations & Healthy Snacks
  • Permit
  • Route Planning/Marking
  • Gratuities

What to Bring

  • Comfortable shirt and shorts or pants
  • Jacket, windbreaker or sweatshirt
  • Closed-toe, athletic shoes
  • Don’t forget your camera!

About Our Fun Run Options in LA

Fun Run – 5K

Do you have a week packed with meetings and conferences but also want to make sure that your team will perform outstandingly? The key: fresh air, sun and exercise! With this fun run, we make sure that everyone will get fun exercise either early in the morning, in between the meetings, or after a long conference. We will create a unique route for you, packed with fun elements and beautiful landscapes!

Our staff will map and mark the route and provide several water stations throughout the run! In the start and finish zone, snacks and water will be provided to keep the energy high. The registration is fast and easy so we can get all runners excited and into starting positions as fast as possible.

Terranea 5K

Feel the beach views, fresh air, and California sunshine, as you follow an awe-inspiring 5K route on the beautiful Palos Verdes Peninsula. You’ll enjoy one of Southern California’s most scenic 5K courses, with rolling hills, beautiful sea views, and cool ocean breezes. It doesn’t matter whether you cross the finish line at a full out sprint or a walking pace, this run is all about getting outside and having fun.