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Bike Tour In Los Angeles on beach

Los Angeles has so many tour operators, activities, and so many things to do. Deciding upon what to do during a stay in LA is not easy. Have you ever considered touring the city differently than by bus or car? Most of the things you can do in Los Angeles require a car or bus even if it is just for getting to the location. Read on for a green and eco-friendly way to explore Los Angeles!

Bikes and Hikes LA

Bikes and Hikes LA is Los Angeles leading eco-tourism company offering bike and hike tours in Los Angeles. Especially the bike tours are very popular among visitors who want to be active, outside and experience Los Angeles and not just drive past it. There are four tours going out daily. All of them are outdoors, require being active and show you Los Angeles from a whole new perspective.

Things to do in Los Angeles 

Bikes and Hikes LA offers tourists and locals a sustainable way to really experience the city and be close-up to all the sights and points of interest.

Our signature bike tour – LA in a Day – is a 32 mile bike tour through 8 cities including Beverly Hills and the beach towns such as Santa Monica and Venice. This tour brings you to all the hotspots the buses take you as well. But there are benefits which you don’t get when going on bus tour: being outside, getting some sun and being active while burning about 2,000 calories on the tour! Don’t worry you won’t just be riding a bike for six hours, there are multiple walking tours included and stops for taking pictures and a lunch break. This tour has it all!

Instead of renting a car to get around Los Angeles, think about the environment and choose the green way of renting transportation – rent a bike with Bikes and Hikes LA. Los Angeles is great for riding your bike and exploring the city. There are many bike paths plus you have the benefit of being close up to all the sights and you can always stop along the way. A huge benefit from renting a bike is the fact that you can avoid the traffic and save money for parking as parking your bike is for free!

Getting around Los Angeles by bike is a great bus tour alternative and you should consider it during your next visit or weekend planning! Check out all of our tours on our website and enjoy the great weather outside on a bike!