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Bike Rental Los Angeles – the perfect way to get around Los Angeles

The traffic in Los Angeles can really get annoying especially when on vacation. The last thing you want is spending hours in the car to get from point A to point B. Have you ever considered renting a bike in Los Angeles to get around town? Believe me, it is the best way get experience a city, and a great bus tour alternative! Here is why:

Close Up Experience

Riding a bike through a city will give a very close up experience and impression of Los Angeles. You decide the pace, where to go and where to stop and take breaks. Just lock up your bike close to your point of interest and off you go. Parking your bike is free!


Not only will you get the best impression of Los Angeles, but you will also burn lots of calories. Cycling is a great work out, especially if you can combine it with great views and points of interest, as Los Angeles as many to offer!

Soak Up the Sun

Especially in Los Angeles you have the benefit of getting lots of sun outside. Enjoy being outdoors and soak up that Vitamin D while on vacation. Also, in case you didn’t know: exercise and sun are one of the best cures for jetlag! As you can see, renting a bike in Los Angeles has so many benefits!

Avoid Traffic

One of the best benefits is probably avoiding the annoying traffic you will meet every day at any time of the day driving in Los Angeles. Good new: there tends to be no traffic on the bike lanes in Los Angeles! Make your way through the standing cars and enjoy the city traffic free

Eco-friendly transportation

If you love our planet as much as we do you will also love the fact that cycling is 100% eco-friendly. Leave the car at home and rent a bike at Bikes and Hikes LA!

Bikes and Hikes LA

Bikes and Hikes LA a high quality bike rental company located in West Hollywood, a great location to start you first bike ride from. Not far from our store are Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd and much more! The way to the beach is also not difficult as you ride straight down Santa Monica Blvd and you will arrive at the Pier. Equipped with a helmet, safety vest, water bottle and a map you can start your adventure! If you are not located near West Hollywood, don’t worry we can also deliver your bikes to your hotel and pick them up after your stay!

We hope you will consider our bike rental for your next visit or weekend as it is not only very sustainable and eco-friendly, you will also avoid traffic and have lots of fun experiencing Los Angeles!