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Biking in Beverly Hills

Renting a bike in Los Angeles can become the perfect day if you have everything you need. Go on an adventure and discover Los Angeles close up on your own. With Bikes and Hikes LA your day on a rental bike will be lots of fun as we will provide all you need!

If you are new to LA you probably have heard of the bad traffic in Los Angeles where discovering Los Angeles can be pretty annoying if you take the car. However, Bikes and Hikes LA has the perfect solution for you! GO BY BIKE. Skip the traffic, hop on one of our rental bikes and off you go sightseeing the  best way. Experience Los Angeles close up and personal as you won’t believe how close you can get to many landmarks if you go there by bike and not just drive past it.

Movie Star Homes Bike Adventure

Bike Rental LA – get close up to all the sights

The perfect day on a bike, however, is not just done by renting the bike.

What You Need For A Day On a Bike in LA

There are some things that are essential when you are out and about on a bike in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a huge city and if you are not familiar with the area this can get pretty overwhelming. Therefore, the first thing you need when renting a bike in LA is a map including bike paths and landmarks. You will probably also stop along the way to visit landmarks, take a break or have lunch. For that reason it is important to have a lock with you to lock the bike when you need to. Your safety is highest priority. Never bike around the city without a helmet, it saves lives! In addition to that, a safety vest makes you better visible for everyone on the road. And last but not least, you need a high quality bike suited for driving around the city.

Beverly Hills Biking Tour

We at Bikes and Hikes LA include in our Bike Rental

  • Helmet & Safety Vest
  • Lock
  • High quality Hybrid Bike


Come to our store at 8500 Santa Monica Blvd. and pick up a rental bike daily from 9am to 5pm— or reserve your bike rental online!