Los Angeles Bike Rentals

Looking for a cheaper, cleaner, healthier way to get around the city? Check out our Los Angeles bike rentals.

Los Angeles bike rentals are popular with visitors who want to enjoy a less expensive, healthier, and greener way to see the city. While LA has a reputation as a “car city,” it’s actually got outstanding cycling infrastructure, and bikes are the best way to explore the city’s most beautiful and famous neighborhoods. Our bike rental program makes it easy for you to take advantage of the city’s year-round sunshine and warm temperatures, all while saving you time and money.

Here are some of the key advantages to hopping on a bike to see the city:

  • You’ll save untold hours that you would otherwise have spent stuck in LA’s notoriously thick traffic
  • You’ll get sunshine, fresh air, and exercise while you enjoy a closer and more authentic perspective on the city
  • You’ll save hundreds of dollars in fuel expenses and parking charges

Rental Options

Hybrid bike



  • This great all-purpose bike performs well on all sorts of terrain, from roads to unpaved paths. Available from $8.50 per hour, $32 per 24-hour period, $148 per week, or $289 per month.


electric bike



  • Want the power boost that comes with an electric bike rental? It’s yours for just $25 per hour, $65 per day, $325 per week, or $859 per month.


black and red mountain bike



  • Planning to cover some challenging terrain? Upgrade to a mountain bike for $44 per 24 hours, $198 per week, or $389 per month.


road bike



  • Staying in the city? This quick, light, efficient road bike is perfect for navigating streets. Available from $54 per 24-hour period, $248 per week, or $398 per month.


Our Los Angeles bike rentals include everything you’ll need for two-wheeled city discovery.

All our Los Angeles bike rentals include a pro-quality safety helmet, high-visibility reflective vest, secure bike lock, and standard pedals. You can upgrade to high-performance SPD pedals for a $15 fee, which you can pay when you come to pick up your bike.

Rented bikes can be picked up anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and your 24-hour period only begins once you ride away. Compare our Los Angeles bike rental costs against what you’d pay to rent a car, and you’ll see why it’s becoming such a popular alternative!

Reserve your hybrid, road, mountain, or electric bike rental online today, or contact us for assistance.

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