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Bike in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bike Rental – The perfect day on a bike

Renting a bike while on vacation in Los Angeles can get a bit overwhelming in a huge city like LA. But I can tell you, renting a bike in Los Angeles will definitely be worth it and you will have a great time! Questions such as where to go and what to do will arise. In this blog we will tell you two amazing routes on how you can spend your bike rental day!

Route 1: Santa Monica Beach Day

You can basically go anywhere you want by bike. Bikes and Hikes LA is located in the perfect location in West Hollywood as a starting point for many points of interest.

One of our most recommended and loved routes is riding a bike to Santa Monica. Bikes and Hikes LA is located on Santa Monica Blvd which will take you straight to Santa Monica Pier. Rent a bike and along this 9 mile ride on Santa Monica Blvd. you will pass Beverly Hills, Century City, West Los Angeles and will end in Santa Monica. Santa Monica Blvd has bike lanes which lead you safely to your destination. The rest of the day can be enjoyed at the beach, the pier or third street promenade. If you don’t feel like biking all the 9 miles back to West Hollywood, don’t worry there is a bus which will take you straight back to our store!

Route 2: Beverly Hills Glamour

Another popular destination for guests who rent bikes is Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is less than 2 miles from our store and offers you possibilities such as locking your bike near Rodeo Drive and go for a walk on this glamorous street known from many movies. Have a lunch break at one of the many famous restaurants and maybe you are lucky and spot a celebrity! After lunch you can bike around Beverly Hills to explore some celebrity homes and enjoy this great neighborhood. When it is time for another break park your bikes at Sprinkles Cupcakes – Los Angeles most loved cupcakes! The unique cupcake ATM is a whole new level of purchasing your favorite cupcake. If it will be your first time at Sprinkles believe me it will be the best cupcakes you ever had. After that you can slowly make your way back to the store at celebrate.

We hope you take those routes into consideration next time you rent a bike from Bikes and Hikes LA.