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Who doesn’t agree that it can be rather difficult to accommodate a healthy lifestyle while having an office job? Long periods of sitting with only minimal movement, strange eating habits, as well as a high level of stress to only name a few challenges that every employee comes across while working his/her desk job.

Although this problem is well known, many people are not aware that a few easily implemented changes can help you stay fit and healthy.

Our first suggestion is to eat breakfast (a coffee doesn’t count)! A wholesome breakfast can give you an incredible start into the day by providing necessary vitamins and minerals to your body, which increases happiness and energy levels and therefore boosts productivity. Moreover, it will help you prevent mid-day snacking when we get tired and throw healthy-eating resolutions out the door.

Replacing sugary snacks and candies with fresh fruits and vegetables is the next step. If you make it part of your routine, forgoing the candy bar for a banana will become second nature.

While it is easier to just go out for lunch or order in, it can be costly and quite unhealthy at times, depending on the restaurants in the neighborhood. Therefore, preparing lunch at home and bringing it to work will not only save you tons of money, but it will help you stay slim.


Our next tip is to stay hydrated and to try to incorporate as much exercise as possible into your work day. While standing up during phone conversations is a good start, your lunch break should be utilized as well. Just walk or bike to the nearest park and spend your break enjoying your homemade food in the sun.

We know that you might not be able to drag yourself to the gym after work, but a little sport in the evening will help your body tremendously! We usually recommend a nice bike ride to leave behind the entire stress of the day and to just enjoy your surroundings.

Moreover, give your eyes a break from the screen after work. We know it’s easy to just lean back and watch your favorite shows, but your eyes could use a break. However, this gives you more time you spend with your loved ones, for hobbies or for food prep 😉

Last but not least… Get enough shut-eye! Waking up refreshed and energized in the morning will change your entire attitude about the day and help you stay positive and stick to your healthy life style!