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Besides Biking, hiking, ocean & Museum activities, Bikes and Hikes LA also offers Rise & Shine Activities for private group tours in Los Angeles. Within the years we have enlarged our activities to offer high quality tours and activities for every taste in Los Angeles. Read to find out about all our Rise & Shine Activities for private tours in Los Angeles.

5k Fun Run

Fun Run Los Angeles

There are four activities which we listed under our Rise and Shine Activities. Those activities are ideal for fit and active groups who want to enjoy an unforgettable day in Los Angeles. Those activities are also perfect for team buildings and corporate events. Especially, for corporate teams out in LA for meetings or conferences will enjoy those activities to get outside and enjoy Los Angeles, get some exercise and have fun with the entire  team and get out of the meeting rooms!

Fun Run

Our fun run can be organized either early in the morning, in between meetings or whenever you think is the best time to get outside for  a fun run. We will create a unique route for you and will map and mark the route. Not only will we do that, but there will also be water stations along the run as well as in the start and finish zone. Fun is guaranteed with this fun run!


Do you and your group need some time to relax, calm down but still want to exercise? Then our Yoga Class will be the perfect activity for you. The best part of Yoga is that everyone can do it. We will organize an introduction class where your Yoga program will then be individualized to your group’s needs. You will forget about your busy agenda and meetings for a while and dive into a world of breathing and ralaxing.

Outdoor Spin Class

Everyone knows the spin classes from the gym, but what you might not know yet is an outdoor spin class in the Beverly Hills.  Bikes and Hikes LA uses the natural hills of Beverly Hills to get your heart rates and and burn some calories. Our outdoor  spin class is about 12 miless and an avergae of 1,200 calories are burnt. Are you ready for this challenge? Experience a spin class differently – outdoors and in one of the prettiest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Definitely an unforgettable experience.

Outdoor Spin Class

Outdoor Spin Class

Customizes Boot Camps

Do you want to kich your goup’s butt? Then our customized boot camp is the right activity for you! Our top fitness instructors will get your group and and active either early in the morning or in between meetings to get you outside and active. One Thing is for sure – our boot camp will get your group pumpin.

Fun Run Finish Line

Fun Run Bikes and Hikes LA

We hope this introduction to our Rise & Shine Activities got you excited for your next conference or Meeting in Los Angeles and we hope to welcome you on one of those activities.