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We all know the standard team building drill: stand in a circle, one person in the middle, who closes her eyes and then just flops over, hoping that her colleagues will catch her. Ugh! Besides elbowing my professor in the face I also nearly threw up when one of my future university mates

accidentally sucker punched me in the stomach when trying to catch me.

Or how about the good old help each other get over a high wall? I couldn’t think of a worse thing than shoving my hands under my co-worker’s butt to push him over an obstacle. Or me being the limp sack that has to make it over the obstacle in front of my entire department as a matter of fact.

Team building can be so easy and be a major game changer for organizational development – it is proven to increase performance more than financial incentives.

Bikes and Hikes LA offers many group activities perfect for team building for corporations, sports teams, school groups, or any organization interested in improving relationships.

Take our Hollywood Hills Hike and watch your employees hike up an incline together before posing in front of the Hollywood Sign. Set up a sailing regatta in which teams of six work together with the captain to win the cup. Put your group on a 32-mile long bike adventure
through Los Angeles that will create lasting memories and the feeling of having accomplished the unthinkable. Check out our private group tours page to see our entire portfolio. Start the day at the hotel with an hour of yoga, send your executives into the marina on stand up paddleboards, combine a bike tour with a hike and wine tasting in Malibu – the options are endless!

Group on Malibu Hike

No matter what you book through us, your team will leave Los Angeles revived and knowing that they got to see the city in a personal way that would have not been possible through a bus window. Experience LA – Don’t just drive past it!