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Los Angeles Hiking Tours

Our Los Angeles hiking tours are the best way to see LA.

Check out the beautiful celebrity homes, top LA sightseeing destinations, and beautiful sunsets with our popular Los Angeles hiking tours. Join the team at Bikes and Hikes LA for our top-rated tours through Hollywood, Griffith Park, and more!

1.5 Hours | $19 | Multiple Times Daily

Best Hollywood Sign Tour!

This Los Angeles hiking tour brings you directly below and in front of the Hollywood Sign. This leisurely walk is an express version of our Hollywood Sign Hike, combines fascinating history with the absolute best Hollywood Sign photo opportunities!

2.5 Hours | $29 |  Multiple Times Daily

Best Hollywood Sign Hike!

This top rated Los Angeles hiking tour offers the best view of the Hollywood Sign! We’ll take you in front of and behind the world famous Hollywood Sign on this 2.5 hour tour.

2.5 Hours | $29 | 10 AM Daily

Exclusive Museum Access

Our Los Angeles hiking tour through Griffith Park takes you on a Hollywood Hills Hike tour to the world famous Griffith Observatory.

the griffith observatory

Explore LA on Two Wheels

Beyond our exciting hiking adventures, Bikes and Hikes LA offers biking tours that allow you to explore the iconic landmarks and hidden gems of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. Join us as we pedal through the vibrant streets, soaking in the rich culture and fascinating history of these renowned areas. Our expert guides will lead you on an immersive journey, sharing insights and anecdotes along the way. Whether you’re cruising past celebrity homes or discovering the vibrant neighborhoods of LA, our biking tours promise an unforgettable experience that showcases the best of the city.