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Bike Tour In Los Angeles on beach
Bike Rentals on the beach

We all know biking is healthy. It keeps you active and it is a great exercise if you want to loose some weight, or if you just like to keep fit. However, biking is not only good for your physical health! We’ve known for a while that exercising and mental health can affect each other, but to what extent? We are going to give you five more reasons to ride your bike to work today or to do a bike tour with Bikes and Hikes LA! The beautiful weather in Los Angeles brings the extra motivation to hop on a bike these days!

#1 Biking reduces stress

Unfortunately, seven out of ten American people have been complaining about experiencing stress at least daily. This is an extremely high number, and therefore this is a problem that has to be addressed. Biking, and all other physical exercise is the number 1 recommendation of all health care experts and of course the Bikes and Hikes LA team, since it builds up endorphins, relieves tension, it elevates the mood and it even stabilizes your sleeping pattern! Biking especially in Los Angeles will reduce your stress and improve your daily life.

#2 Biking reduces anxiety

Anxiety has become a problem that a lot of people are dealing with these days. Although we all have some anxiety every now and then, having to deal with anxiety on a daily basis can have a real and lasting impact on the quality of someone’s life. A 2001 study found that exercise, either low- or high-intensity exercise can have a positive effect on reducing anxiety, as well as reducing your sensitivity to having anxiety! Either one of our biking tours would be amazing to help you beat anxiety!

#3 Outdoor exercise is the best exercise

Of course we all are aware about the positive effects that biking and exercising can have on your physical and mental health. But exercising outdoors is even better! So stop working your ass off inside the gym, and take your exercise outdoors! Studies have shown that being outdoors will not just lift your spirits; it also increases the feeling of revitalization, energy and positive engagement, while decreasing tension, confusion anger and depression. What else could you possibly want?!

#4 Biking improves your self-esteem

Alright, not just biking but physical exercise in general, but still, biking can improve your self-esteem. We are living in a health-conscious time right now, and regular exercise will help you feel better about yourself. Therefore, this is the perfect excuse to come to our shop at 8500 Santa Monica Boulevard and hop on a bike! And as a bonus, you can make some stunning selfies to post on your Social Media accounts!

#5 You won’t be stuck in the horrible phenomenon called traffic

We all know the traffic in Los Angeles is terrible. Hey, we’ve even been crowned the city with the absolute worst traffic of all time! But come over to Bikes and Hikes LA to rent a bike or do one of our amazing bike tours and beat the traffic! It will give you the most amazing views of the city and you will be able to be outdoors in the beautiful weather all day. It’s a win-win situation!

We hope those 5 reasons encourage you to hop on one of our bike tours or rentals next time you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles!