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Although you may not think so, Los Angeles really is the perfect city to explore by bicycle! So don’t get persuaded by all the bus tours offers out there and choose to experience this amazing city by bike! If you’re not sure if this is something you want to do, then please read below and we will make you a believer in no time!

Advantage #1: It’s Healthy for You!

Doing a biking tour is the perfect opportunity to slip some exercise into your vacation! Riding a bike will allow you to get a nice workout and you won’t even realize you’re doing it! Especially on vacation this is an incredible advantage, since you will probably indulge yourself more on incredible food so this is the perfect opportunity for some guilt-free dining at some of the best places to eat in Los Angeles!

Advantage #2: It’s Sustainable!

Biking is not only good for yourself, but by choosing a bike tour over a bus tour you will also help reducing our carbon footprint. In addition, LA traffic is legendary so you can ride by these frustrated drivers and smile as you zip past them. Taking a biking tour in LA is not only good for the earth, it will also allow you to improve your own well being and health as you will breath fresher and healthier air!

Advantage #3: You can do it at your own pace!

When you’re on a bus tour, you won’t have the proper time you need to just simply enjoy the views or go out and have a nice break or find the perfect photo op that you want. When biking around the city, you will be able to see all the hidden gems that LA has to offer you at your own pace, and you will feel on top of the world while doing it! You will be able to enjoy everything a whole lot more as you are completely in charge of everything you wish to do and see.

a group of people biking past a body of water on an ojai group tour

Advantage #4: It’s literally an adventure!

How cool is it when you get back from an amazing holiday and actually tell all your friends and family that you discovered a new city completely at your own pace, and that you have been to places and routes that cars could never have went through. This is exactly what a biking tour or bike rental offers you. It gives you the opportunity to discover a city in a completely new and unique way, which is why it truly is a must-do adventure.

So, why would you want to book a bus tour every again if you have the fantastic opportunity to discover a city by bike? We at Bikes and Hikes LA offer you the most amazing tours and opportunities to hop on a bike and see all the best of this city! Continue reading and book your bike rental or biking tour right now!

Bikes and Hikes LA – Bike Rentals

You can choose to discover this incredible city while on one of our biking tours but you can also choose to fully choose your own route and pace and go with a bike rental! We at Bikes and Hikes LA have a large assortment of high-end Hybrids for rent, either for a full day or by the hour. It is truly the best way to discover the city, and you will have the most amazing time during your vacation.

Bikes and Hikes LA – LA in a Day Tour

However, if you’re more in the mood for a guided tour through the City of Angels, Bikes and Hikes LA can offer you the best tour there is to discover the city in just one day! This tour especially is a great way to beat a jetlag, as you will be active and outdoor all day, while discovering all the places you want to go during the rest of your vacation. This tour will get you through 9 of the most popular and famous neighborhoods of Los Angeles, and will introduce you to all the best LA has to offer. You will have an experienced and knowledgeable guide with you to lead the way and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about LA and all of its sights!

a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle