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Bikes and hikes are how we made our name, but we also offer a complete lineup of other exciting Los Angeles activities. As our name suggests, group biking tours and incredible hiking adventures are the main focus of our business. While these options offer lots of engaging and active ways to experience the city, we…

Best Los Angeles Tours

Hollywood walk of fame

For the best Los Angeles tours, think outside the box. los angeles walking tourAt Bikes and Hikes LA, we believe the best Los Angeles tours get you out of traffic and outside in the beautiful…

The Best Tours of Los Angeles

Best Tours of Los Angeles

The Best Tours of Los Angeles Whether it’s your first time in LA or you have been living here for decades, there’s always something new to find out in the city of Angels. To help you explore those places, our best tours of LA at Bikes and Hikes LA will help you do so. We…

Top Ten Things To Do In Los Angeles

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You’ve just booked your next well-deserved family vacation — you’re going to the city of glitz and glamor and a paradise of good weather: LA! Everyone in the family is excited, from your twelve-year-old son to your seventeen year-old daughter, and even your hardworking husband is ready for some time off. You, however, know you’re…

Top 5 Private LA Sightseeing Tours

Hollywood Bike Adventure

Los Angeles is chock full of tours—on tour buses, walking through backlots of Hollywood studios, even experiencing in LA in a totally different way and getting exercise at the same time on a bike tour And for those who want a more little more personal, less regimented more customized adventure—a Private LA Sightseeing Tour…

How to Have Fun on a Small budget in Los Angeles

Los Angeles tends to be known as a very expensive city, which might put a big dent into the holiday savings. If you know the right spots and times however it can be very easy to have a fun day in Los Angeles on a small budget. Listen closely; we will share some insider information…

Discover The World of The Rich and Famous – Movie Star Homes Bike Tour

Movie Star Homes Bike Tour

Have you ever  wondered what it would be like to live like movie stars like Brad Pit or Tom Cruise? Now is your chance to dive into the world of the rich and famous and get an insight into their glamorous lives. Ride your bike through the iconic neighborhood 9-0-2-1-0 and explore one of the prettiest…

Finding a Home Away from Home in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most exciting cities in the world and probably high on everyone’s bucket list. LA has a wide variety of incredible beaches, popular sights and not to mention an unique charisma, style and flair. Finding something to do in a city as exciting as Los Angeles is not that hard….

5 Things to do in Los Angeles – Unterwegs in Los Angeles

Dieser Blog ist etwas anders, als die letzten, die Sie von uns kennen. Da Sie jetzt unsere täglichen Touren genauer kennengelernt haben, möchten wir Ihnen in diesem Blog 5 Aktivitäten vorstellen, die man in Los Angeles machen sollte. Falls Sie in nächster Zeit einen Urlaub in Los Angeles gebucht haben oder schon hier sind, wird…

Museum Tours As New Private Group Activities Los Angeles

If you believe that Bikes and Hikes LA is only limited to sporting activities, you are wrong. The variety Bikes and Hikes LA has to offer is incredible. Don’t let the name of the company confuse you! Besides biking, hiking, ocean&beach activities we also offer Museum Tours to private groups. Continue reading to find out…

Hiking Paradise Los Angeles

Runyon Canyon Hike 1

Runyon Canyon Hike 1 Believe it or not, but Los Angeles is a true hiking paradise. Several hiking trails will lead you to an amazing view over the city, the Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Hills or the beautiful ocean….

The Perfect Day on a Bike in Los Angeles

Bike in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bike Rental – The perfect day on a bike Renting a bike while on vacation in Los Angeles can get a bit overwhelming in a huge city like LA. But I can tell you, renting a bike in Los Angeles will definitely be worth it and you will have a great time! Questions such as…

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Are you coming to visit Los Angeles soon and are you still debating on which kinds of activities you want to do? Look no further! Whether you are on your own or looking for group activities, Bikes and Hikes LA offer everything that you want to do when visiting the City of Angels, even if you don’t…