Bikes and Hikes LA Thu, 25 Aug 2016 17:50:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hollywood Bus Tour Scam! Mon, 15 Aug 2016 19:09:14 +0000 If you google ‘tours in LA’ right now, you’re very likely to see the story that NBC 4 recently did about the Hollywood Tour Bus Scam.  Take a look at the Hollywood Bus Tour scandal.

Well, we here at Bikes and Hikes LA would like to address this repulsive behavior, because we believe first and foremost in giving quality tours that our guests can feel confident in booking.

The story is basically this; tour bus companies in Hollywood are going around pointing out celebrity homes that don’t really belong to celebrities.  They’re lying to their paying guests.  Not only that, but they’re telling false stories, like one involving Justin Bieber burning down a house.  Sorry, but other than getting ‘burned’, as in being put in his place, that didn’t happen in LA.

Now, not only is this incredibly awful for the people that pay good money to take these tours, but it’s turning into a dangerous situation for the people who live in the falsely pointed out houses.  Fans obsessed with celebrities like Julia Roberts will seemingly go to any length to get close to their fixation, and it’s become more than a nuisance for the home owners, it’s escalated to the point where their safety is in question.

So other than the fact that Bikes and Hikes LA gets tourists out of those shady buses and in to the fresh air, how are we different?

  • Our guides truly love what they do, and they go to great lengths to research the city and the stories they tell.
  • We are consistently learning new things and updating any information that may be out of date, or found to be incorrect.
  • We have guides who have lived here in Los Angeles for many years, and even some of the rare ‘born and raised in LA’ locals leading our biking and hiking tours.

Bikes and Hikes LA will show you Los Angeles in a way that no other LA based tour company can offer, all the while giving you stories that you can actually count on being true.

So how do you as a traveler avoid getting scammed?  It’s all in the reviews.  Make sure you check the reviews of the company you are going to book with, and check multiple review sites just to be safe.  Bikes and Hikes has consistently good reviews on Tripadvisor and Viator.

It’s also a good idea to call ahead and talk to the company to confirm bookings.  We have lots of friendly office staff ready and happy to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate on giving us a ring.

At Bikes and Hikes, stories like the Hollywood tour bus scam make us want to work even harder to make our guests more satisfied with their tours.  Our biking and hiking tours around LA have a good reputation, and we are committed to keeping it that way.

Because it’s not just a paycheck for us, it’s a lifestyle. 

So don’t waste your time with those dishonest bus tours sitting in traffic and getting false information.  Come outside with us, and learn what Los Angeles is really about.

-Kayla Rodiger, Bikes and Hikes LA Tour Guide
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Everyone can hike the Hollywood hills. Wed, 10 Aug 2016 18:56:43 +0000 The hike itself is perfect for beginners and experienced hikers alike. It has some good incline that gets most of the hard ‘up’ stuff out of the way early, and very satisfying views of LA around every corner. ]]> I love guiding for many reasons.  I love showing people the city that I grew up in.  I love telling people stories about the history of LA and its crazy cast of characters.  I love seeing people’s faces as they take in the huge size of the city from the top of Mt Hollywood, and celebrate the fact that they’ve just hiked to one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the LA area.  But most of all, I love talking to people and hearing their stories; where they’re from, what they do, and what inspired them to want to climb a mountain while on vacation.  The answers are always different, and always interesting.  I’ve met families, couples, and friends traveling from all over the world, but I recently had a hike with a family that will always and forever stick out in my mind.

I got a call from my boss, Danny, around 11am the morning of my Sunday evening hike through Griffith Park.  “You’re gonna have a family on your hike tonight that just called to ask if one of the members would be able to make it since he has terminal cancer.  Also, the son is a marine.  Take good care of them.”

I get calls pretty regularly from the office telling me to look out for one guest or another, but I had never had a guest that I knew had a diagnosis of death.  To be honest, I was nervous.  I always try my very best to make sure guests have a memorable time on my tours, but this one felt much more important.  These weren’t just little memories this family would be making.  These were last days together memories.  I knew I had to do something special for them.

Hollywood TourA few weeks ago I had a girl bring a Polaroid type camera on a tour, and I fell in love with the look of the photos it took.  And best of all, they printed right there on the spot.  It’s the perfect souvenir!  So off to Best Buy I went to pick one up for myself (it’s a Fujifilm Instax mini 8, and I got it in the color Grape/Raisin).

My brave guest, Dan and his wife, Gloria were from Maryland, here to visit their oldest of five children, Logan, who’s stationed at Camp Pendleton down in San Diego County about an hour and a half from Los Angeles.

Dan was diagnosed in March 2015 with stage IV colorectal cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs.  His cancer is a tough one to beat, but in his case it’s been made even tougher by the fact that there is a mutation making chemo ineffective.  Because of that, Dan has opted to forgo chemo and is instead waiting for a possible immunotherapy clinical trial that would start August 2016.  So with the knowledge I had of my special guests and their medical situation, we set off on a hike that would prove to be a cherished memory for Dan and his family for the rest of their lives.

The hike itself is perfect for beginners and experienced hikers alike.  It has some good incline that gets most of the hard ‘up’ stuff out of the way early, and very satisfying views of LA around every corner.  I like to call it, “The hike of a million views”.  I kept an eye on Dan and his family, who stayed at the back of the group of thirteen for most of the beginning of the hike.  What I saw on that hike was so very inspiring it made me feel honored to witness it.  Dan, Gloria, and Logan made that hike look like a walk in the park.  And even though I know there were times when he was tired, and he was probably hurting a little, he went up the mountain and kicked butt while doing so.  And he did it with a smile.  And he made me realize that we humans are capable of anything and everything if we have the drive and spirit needed to accomplish our goals, whether they be big like beating cancer, or little like hiking to the top of Mount Hollywood.

When we got to the top of Mount Hollywood I passed out snacks for my hard working hikers, and noticed Dan sitting on one of the cement tables, looking out at the view, a look of tired accomplishment on his face.  His wife and oldest son by his side, witnesses to his triumph over the trail.  We enjoyed our view, and then headed back down.

It was at our Hollywood sign viewpoint that I took out my little camera.  Along with a great view of the sign, there is a spectacular view of the observatory with the downtown LA skyline in the background.  It’s my favorite view of the whole tour.  I had told the group when we started that I had a surprise for them, and I am so glad I was able to keep my mouth shut about what it was because the look on their faces when I pulled out the camera was the best.  Especially Gloria’s.  Her face lit up in a huge smile, and I knew right then that this hike had been something special for her.  So we took pics of each group with my Instax and then with their phones, and continued down to the Observatory where we caught a gorgeous sunset.  Gloria was able to take a great picture of the Hollywood sign, which can be difficult in the evening due to the angle of the sun.  I think that pic of the Hollywood sign was icing on the hiking cake.

Through out the hike, I was encouraged by Dan’s attitude.  Sure he looked under the weather, but he also looked hopeful and happy.  And he kept up with the group throughout the whole tour, making the teens I had on a tour the other day look like major slowpokes.

I don’t think I’ll ever see Dan, Gloria, or Logan again, but you can bet I’ll be keeping them in my thoughts, and in my heart for the rest of my life.

LA Tour Guide

Kayla Rodiger – Bikes and Hikes LA Guide.

Bike Rental LA – What You Need To Know And Have Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16:49:34 +0000 Renting a bike in Los Angeles can become the perfect day if you have everything you need. Go on an adventure and discover Los Angeles close up on your own. With Bikes and Hikes LA your day on a rental bike will be lots of fun as we will provide all you need!

If you are new to LA you probably have heard of the bad traffic in Los Angeles where discovering Los Angeles can be pretty annoying if you take the car. However, Bikes and Hikes LA has the perfect solution for you! GO BY BIKE. Skip the traffic, hop on one of our rental bikes and off you go sightseeing the  best way. Experience Los Angeles close up and personal as you won’t believe how close you can get to many landmarks if you go there by bike and not just drive past it.

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Bike Rental LA – get close up to all the sights

The perfect day on a bike, however, is not just done by renting the bike.

What you need for a day on a bike

There are some things that are essential when you are out and about on a bike in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a huge city and if you are not familiar with the area this can get pretty overwhelming. Therefore, the first thing you need when renting a bike in LA is a map including bike paths and landmarks. You will probably also stop along the way to visit landmarks, take a break or have lunch. For that reason it is important to have a lock with you to lock the bike when you need to. Your safety is highest priority. Never bike around the city without a helmet, it saves lives! In addition to that, a safety vest makes you better visible for everyone on the road. And last but not least, you need a high quality bike suited for driving around the city.

We at Bikes and Hikes LA include in our Bike Rental

  • Helmet & Safety Vest
  • Bike Map of Los Angeles
  • Lock
  • High quality Hybrid Bike
  • 24h rental for 32$

Come to our store at 8250 Santa Monica Blvd. and pick up a rental bike daily from 9am to 5pm!

Making room for our New fleet! Beach Bike Cruiser for Sale! $75 Sat, 23 Jul 2016 23:33:47 +0000 Gently used colorful beach cruisers on clearance SALE right now for ONLY $75!

Stop by our new Store at 8250 Santa Monica Blvd and pick up your cruiser for the summer! Only ten left!


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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – CHANGES AHEAD FOR BIKES AND HIKES LA Thu, 21 Jul 2016 20:06:17 +0000 There are big changes coming our way as our office is moving to a new location.  But don’t worry we stay in our beloved area West Hollywood and even on the same street. We are moving from 8743 Santa Monica Blvd. to 8250 Santa Monica Blvd.

If you are familiar with the WEHO area you will probably notice our new address and think back to the times where it used to be the famous ice cream parlour called Wrights.

Wrights Ice Cream Parlour, West Hollywood, Bikes and Hikes LA

Wrights Ice Cream Parlour West Hollywood


Bikes and Hikes LA Bigger & Better

As Bikes and Hikes LA is moving into a bigger office, changes will come along. But the most important one is the fact that with the bigger office space also our services will become even better! Currently we are in the process of moving and are very excited to work from our new office in 8250 Santa Monica Blvd. soon.

Still in the works but here you can get a sneak peek what our new office will kind of look like from outside:

New Office Bikes and Hikes LA

New Office Bikes and Hikes LA

Stay updated with our moving process & come visit us as soon as we are settled in!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our new office and offer you an even better service.

Your Bikes and Hikes LA Team

Staying healthy with an office job? Simple! Sat, 16 Jul 2016 00:05:50 +0000  

Who doesn’t agree that it can be rather difficult to accommodate a healthy lifestyle while having an office job? Long periods of sitting with only minimal movement, strange eating habits, as well as a high level of stress to only name a few challenges that every employee comes across while working his/her desk job.

Although this problem is well known, many people are not aware that a few easily implemented changes can help you stay fit and healthy.

Our first suggestion is to eat breakfast (a coffee doesn’t count)! A wholesome breakfast can give you an incredible start into the day by providing necessary vitamins and minerals to your body, which increases happiness and energy levels and therefore boosts productivity. Moreover, it will help you prevent mid-day snacking when we get tired and throw healthy-eating resolutions out the door.

Replacing sugary snacks and candies with fresh fruits and vegetables is the next step. If you make it part of your routine, forgoing the candy bar for a banana will become second nature.

While it is easier to just go out for lunch or order in, it can be costly and quite unhealthy at times, depending on the restaurants in the neighborhood. Therefore, preparing lunch at home and bringing it to work will not only save you tons of money, but it will help you stay slim.


Our next tip is to stay hydrated and to try to incorporate as much exercise as possible into your work day. While standing up during phone conversations is a good start, your lunch break should be utilized as well. Just walk or bike to the nearest park and spend your break enjoying your homemade food in the sun.

We know that you might not be able to drag yourself to the gym after work, but a little sport in the evening will help your body tremendously! We usually recommend a nice bike ride to leave behind the entire stress of the day and to just enjoy your surroundings.

LA in a day, cycling LA, LA tours, Hollywood tours

Moreover, give your eyes a break from the screen after work. We know it’s easy to just lean back and watch your favorite shows, but your eyes could use a break. However, this gives you more time you spend with your loved ones, for hobbies or for food prep 😉

Last but not least… Get enough shut-eye! Waking up refreshed and energized in the morning will change your entire attitude about the day and help you stay positive and stick to your healthy life style!

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